Oct 10 2019

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Pali Tackles Climate Change

Palisades Charter High School STFers celebrate their climate change education tent.
Photos by Izzy Gill and Angelica Pereyra

Submitted by Palisades Charter High School STF:

October 10, 2019, the Palisades Student Task Force chapter continued their urgent activism against climate change with their second lunchtime awareness-raising event. The activity was centered in the main Pali quad and featured:

  • AP Environmental Science teacher Mr. Englemann, who answered burning climate change questions;
  • An STF exhibition tent filled with powerful posters with passionate visuals and heart wrenching statistics, plus youth supported climate change legislation;
  • A voter pre-registration and registration booth to emphasize our human right to take part in our government;
  • Pledge boards inviting students to personally make promises to combat climate change.

This was a powerful experience for these STF environmental advocates and they look forward to continuing events like this throughout the coming year to speak up for their human rights to a future.

Mr. Englemann responds to questions about climate change.

Informational posters show before-and-after climate change.

Students learn about environmental legislation reviewed by Congressman Ted Lieu’s Youth Council, and exercise their right to pre-register to vote.

Empty plastic water bottles hang on the STF tent to demonstrate that many Pali students do not yet take advantage of the school’s refill stations.

A student volunteers his personal pledge to combat climate change.

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