Engaging Our Communities

February 12-22, 2024: Kicking off the new year with a bang, STFers at Alain Leroy Locke College Preparatory Academy, Animo Venice Charter HS, Carson HS, Cypress College, Hamilton HS, and New Roads School hosted film screenings, club fairs, and table events to engage their campus communities in our Celebrating 75 Years of Human Rights Action Plan…

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Making Real World Change

February 3, 2024: “There are no walls between the things you’re personally passionate about, you’re professionally interested in and you’re academically interested in. You can use the knowledge you learn in the classroom to make real world change… That’s the cool thing about things like Student Task Force, you all are making real world change, but you’re also doing it in this academic setting… And that’s what I hope you all take away from your experience with this, is that you can make change now, today, tomorrow if you put your mind to it,” Amanda Alampi, HRW Director of Campaigns and Public Engagement, said to inspire the 67 participants at STF’s Winter Leadership Workshop….

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STF Leader Spotlight: Dani R.

Meet Dani R., STF leader at Canyon High School and one of 18 young activists participating in the youth-led Genesis B. v. Environmental Protection Agency Lawsuit, a California lawsuit accusing the EPA of failing to protect young people by allowing the release of dangerous levels of greenhouse gases…

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Save the Date: Saturday, Jan. 27, 2024 Winter Leadership Workshop

Please join us for STF’s 2024 Winter Leadership Workshop on Saturday, January 27 from 10:00-12:15pm PT.

You can attend in person at our Los Angeles office OR virtually via Zoom. In person space is limited, so please RSVP today with your preferred method of participation. Regardless of how you join, you will actively contribute to discussions and engage with other STFers at the workshop…

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STF Leaders Spotlight: Clementine C.

Please meet Clementine C., STF leader at Palisades Charter High School and the 2023 recipient of HRE USA’s Youth in Action Award…

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Sierra Canyon STF’s Schoolwide Teach-In

December 15, 2023: In collaboration with all 58 advisory classes, STFers at Sierra Canyon School round off Human Rights Day celebrations by hosting a teach-in to educate their campus community about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). Audiences watched an informative video introducing them to human rights and competed in a poster making contest. Each advisory class was assigned an article of the UDHR and had to make a poster explaining the article. Most participants put in a lot of effort and made it a real competition. The winning advisories won donuts! 

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STFers Celebrate Human Rights Day

December 5 – December 13: STFers continue celebrations for Human Rights Day with another week filled with events hosted at Aga Khan Academy Hyderabad, Centennial HS, Corona Del Mar HS, Cypress Community College, Da Vinci Schools, Francis W. Parker School, Harvard Westlake School, Santa Monica HS and Van Nuys HS…

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‘Earth Needs Our Help’: California Kids Sue EPA Over Climate Pollution

December 11, 2023, NPR: Eighteen California children are suing the Environmental Protection Agency, claiming it violated their constitutional rights by failing to protect them from the effects of climate change…

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Counting Down to Human Rights Day

November 15 – December 5: Empowering their peers and implementing this year’s Action Plan, STFers from Animo Venice Charter HS, Canyon HS, Carlsbad HS, Los Osos HS, Palisades Charter HS, and Wildwood School hosted simulations, film screenings, trivia games and petition signing tables…

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STFers in Action: Declaring Our Human Rights

November 2-11, 2023: STFers at Sierra Canyon School, Taipei American School, and Wildwood School educated their campuses on creating safe pathways for migration to the U.S. and investigated their classmates’ foundational knowledge on human rights…

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STF Leader Spotlight: Wesley C.

To help STFers get to know each other, the STF Team is launching a new monthly spotlight. Please continue reading to meet Wesley C. from Alain LeRoy Locke College Preparatory Academy….

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Animo Venice STFers Receive GirlsBuild $2,000 Grant

We are delighted to share that the STF leaders at Animo Venice Charter High School were one out of 60 groups across the U.S. awarded a grant from  GirlsBuild Project, which encourages students to use technology to lead a civic engagement project that impacts their community.

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Pali Students JoinGlobal Climate Strike Rally

September 15, 2023: Palisades Charter High School students stood up for the Earth and the environment on Friday, September 15, holding a Youth Climate Rally adjacent to the Village Green.

“We refuse not to act,” protest leader Carter Yean said to the crowd. “This situation terrifies me. It should terrify every single one of you! Because it is our future. And we are here to take it back!”…

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Building Our Action Plan: Celebrating 75 Years of Human Rights

September 9, 2023: Human Rights Watch Student Task Force (STF) leaders, teachers and guest speakers joined and kicked off this year’s Celebrating 75 Years of Human Rights Action Plan at STF’s hybrid Fall Leadership Workshop (Click to watch the workshop online).

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Save the Date: STF Fall Leadership Workshop

Please join us for STF’s 2023 Fall Leadership Workshop on Saturday, September 9 from 10:00-12:15pm PT, where we will launch our “Celebrating 75 Years of Human Rights” Action Plan…

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Demanding Accountability

As we wrap up the 2022-23 academic year, STFers from Canyon, Da Vinci, Palisades Charter and Wildwood high schools engage their classmates in advocacy and demanding decision-makers uphold basic human rights. Scroll to see photos of these year-end efforts…

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The Journey

April 12 – 26, 2023: STFers at Amino Venice Charter, Carson, Da Vinci, Hamilton, New Roads, Palisades Charter and Wayne Hills high schools hosted events that encouraged their classmates to speak up for human rights abuses in the U.S. immigration system…

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Celebrate 10 Years of HRW’s LA Film Club with The Territory

Please join us on Sunday, May 21 at 4pm for the HRW LA Film Club’s 10th anniversary with a screening and discussion of The Territory. Limited comp tickets available for STF students, teachers, and alumni. Presented at Sony Pictures Animation Studios in Culver City9050 Washington Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232 Sunday, May 21, 2023, at 4pm4:00pm | Doors open5:00pm | Screening …

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A Night of Gratitude for Pam Bruns

Old and new friends gathered to celebrate Pam Bruns, the founder of the Human Rights Watch Student Task Force.

STF alumni, teachers and supporters expressed their gratitude to Pam for her commitment to young people and human rights. In a thank you video and throughout the night, guests honored Pam’s steadfast dedication to justice, equality, and empathy for others, which has had an immense ripple effect in the lives of so many generations. Attendees reflected on the wide-reaching impact the organization has made over the past 23 years and expressed excitement and anticipation for what the future holds…

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Why They Flee

March 27-28, 2023: STFers at Da Vinci Schools, Hamilton HS and Santa Monica HS hosted film screenings, table events, and interactive tent exhibitions to educate their classmates about threats to the human right to seek asylum in the US immigration system.  STFers led discussions on why people flee their homes to reach the United States and the policies that impact what …

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