2012 Student Task Force Fall Leadership Workshop

(Video and audio recording courtesy of Marianna Smirnova)

Pam Bruns, Director of HRW Student Task Force, Call for Action

(Click to watch, 4:20)

Listen to Brooks Allen discuss “How to Protect Your Right to Educational Opportunity” or watch clips:

(Click to watch part 1, 4:05)
(Click to watch part 2, 2:03)
(Click to watch part 3, 0:58)
(Click to watch part 4, 2:57)
(Click to watch, 7:09)

Watch Gabriel Stauring, Director of i-ACT, give participants an update on the Mobile Libraries in Chad:

(Click to watch part 1, 7:03)
(Click to watch part 2, 8:10)
(Click to watch part 3, 3:28)

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