700 Future Voters Line Up at Mock Election at Palisades Charter HS

Photos by Patricia Williams

October 9, 2018: Starting bright and early at 8am, STF organizers welcomed the first classrooms to Mercer Auditorium to participate in voter registration and Palisades Charter HS’s first mock election for the crucial November 6 Midterms. The Palisades STF chapter joined with the school’s Leadership Class and the Los Angeles City Clerk’s office to present 40-minute sessions throughout the school day to over 700 students and teachers. (Teachers signed up their classrooms to fill the available sessions throughout the school day.)

The City Clerk’s office illustrated the impact on our lives from local elections, but lamented the ominously low voting rates of eligible voters in local elections. Only 10% of registered voters actually voted in last June’s local elections in the City of Los Angeles. Determined to dramatically raise voter participation, a major part of the day’s presentations was an opportunity to pre-register (16 and 17 year-olds) and register to vote, followed by the popular mock election which gave participants an experience in every step of voting on election day: signing in, receiving a ballot, going into actual voting booths to vote, depositing the ballot in the official ballot box and receiving the “I voted” sticker.  Pali was able to proclaim, 100% participation by the 700!

Not all Pali students were able to attend the Mock Election Day, so Pali STF will continue to register voters before the October 22 voter registration deadline.

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