Possible Genocide Against the Yezidi

Case Study: Possible Genocide Against the Yezidi


When: August 2014

Where: Kurdistan Region of Iraq


  • Perpetrators: Islamic State (ISIS)
  • Targets: Yezidi people, an ethnic and religious minority in the Kurdistan region of Iraq


  • ~1,000 people dead (exact total unknown)
  • Hundreds of thousands refugees

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United States Holocaust Memorial Museum: “Our Generation Is Gone”: Bearing Witness Trip Report

United Nations News Center: ISIL may have committed genocide, war crimes in Iraq, says UN human rights report

Los Angeles Times: Kerry determines Islamic State is committing genocide in Iraq and Syria


RT: ‘Convert or die’ Stranded Yazidi refugees on ISIS threats (Video: 5:25 mins)

International Rescue Committee: Yazidi refugees: A desperate struggle (Video: 2:56 mins)

Voice of America: Even With Hometown Liberated, Yazidi Refugees Fear Return (Video: 1:39 mins)


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