A Night of Gratitude for Pam Bruns

Photos by Kristin Ghazarians and Patricia Williams

April 11, 2023: Old and new friends gathered to celebrate Pam Bruns, the founder of the Human Rights Watch Student Task Force.

STF alumni, teachers and supporters expressed their gratitude to Pam for her commitment to young people and human rights. In a thank you video and throughout the night, guests honored Pam’s steadfast dedication to justice, equality, and empathy for others, which has had an immense ripple effect in the lives of so many. Attendees reflected on the wide-reaching impact the organization has made over the past 23 years and expressed excitement and anticipation for what the future holds.

“Broadening the human rights movement includes young people and students because nothing happens in this world without them. So I am so pleased at this point in my life to know that there is a trajectory here for the Student Task Force and a place at the table for the students who are already making contributions to advocacy for human rights…” Pam said while thanking everyone for their support of STF.

Watch STFers, alumni, and teacher advisors thank Pam for her dedication to STF. (Click to watch: 4:01)

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