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Our Staff

Pam Bruns, Founder and Executive Director [Email]

Pam created the vision for the Student Task Force and organized its co-founders in 1999. Early in her career during the Vietnam War, she traveled to Thailand to research the extent of the communist insurgency in northern border areas; she also was a freelance journalist and wrote about Eastern Europe, the Munich Olympics in 1972, holocaust survivors and other subjects. Pam became a public education reform activist and teacher (third grade through high school) before joining the Milken Family Foundation as a Public Affairs Specialist, working to promote excellence in teaching in the U.S.

From 1996-2002 Pam served as Director of Human Rights Watch in Southern California. She broadened support for HRW in Los Angeles by establishing the Young Advocates, Women’s Rights Committee, HRW University Project and the Student Task Force. As adjunct professor teaching human rights at Mount St. Mary’s College, she founded the Human Rights Film Festival in 2003. Volunteering to direct STF and developing human rights education as part of STF has been Pam’s primary focus since 2005.

Kristin Ghazarians, Manager [Email]

Kristin is a graduate from Syracuse University’s Public Diplomacy program and University of California, San Diego’s International Studies department. Her background is in international relations, conflict resolution and public relations.  She worked for Amnesty International as the Mid-Atlantic Regional Office Administrator in Washington, DC, interned with the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland and taught English in Cambodia and Los Angeles. Kristin loves to travel and has spent a lot of time focusing on human rights while abroad. She has dedicated her academic and professional careers to human rights and enjoys working with the STF community.

Nancy Nazarian-Medina, Program Advisor [Email]

Nancy is a co-founder of STF and has been an essential member of the STF leadership team since 1999. She currently volunteers as the STF Program Advisor in the Santa Clarita Valley mentoring several STF high school chapters and coordinating STF activities with the William S. Hart District School District administrators. Nancy established a partnership between STF SCV and the public libraries of the City of Santa Clarita. Additionally, Nancy is Director of Religious Education at St. Clare of Assisi Church where she integrates human rights education into the curriculum and service-learning projects for students in grades K-8th. She is facilitator for the national Virtus-Safe Guard the Children Program training teachers, parents and volunteers about the risk of child abuse and how a community can take preventative measures to protect children from abuse. Previously Nancy served as Dean of Students at Immaculate Heart High School and taught AP Government, AP U.S. History and Economics and developed curriculum for a senior year elective, International Relations, which she taught for seven years. She was also a Curriculum Developer and Trainer for the online education program, One Global Tribe, focusing on service-learning projects with an emphasis on human rights issues. Nancy holds a M.A. in Conflict Resolution.

Brennie Dale, Assistant [Email]

Brennie Dale is originally from the North Bay Area, but currently calls Los Angeles home. She recently graduated from UCLA, where she majored in Global Studies and minored in Public Affairs. Brennie plans to go to law school where she would like to specialize in international law. She then hopes to use her background in law to work with international humanitarian organizations and/or the specialized agencies of the United Nations. In her free time, you’ll find Brennie practicing hot yoga, trying her hand at cooking, and traveling any chance she gets!

Karina Duarte, Assistant [Email]

Karina Duarte is a recent graduate of Kalamazoo College, where she double majored in English and Community and Global Health. Being born and raised in Los Angeles, Karina has spent time exploring LA and making friends all over the vast, beautiful city. Karina plans to go to grad school where she would like to study for her MPH/MPP. Her goal is to use her education to work with grassroots organizations on the intersections of public health and social movements, eventually leading up to one day working with the World Health Organization on global efforts to ensure the health of all. Karina loves to discuss big ideas and read books of all genres, taking breaks only to learn more about the structure of brains, machines, or the cosmos.

Sea Choi, Spring Intern [Email]

Sea Choi is a current undergraduate student at UC San Diego, majoring in International Studies – Political Science with a focus on East Asia and a minor in Transnational Korean Studies. She plans on pursuing graduate school through UCSD’s School of Global Policy and Strategy, and wants to continue to further her education and work in human rights research and advocacy. Originally from Seattle, she loves the rain and a cozy coffee shop – but sometimes nothing can beat the beautiful San Diego weather and beaches. In her free time you’ll find her spending time with her friends, reading a good book, learning more about graphic design, or spending time outdoors!

Josiah Edwards, Spring Intern [Email]

Josiah Edwards is a current student at El Camino Community College, hoping to transfer to UCLA in the Fall and double-major in History & Political Science with a focus in International Relations. He plans to pursue a career in human rights advocacy and diplomacy. Active as an organizer in Los Angeles, he is a member of Sunrise Movement, advocating for racial and environmental justice for frontline communities. In his free time, you can find him listening to political and history-based podcasts or audiobooks, watching Senate hearings, and playing video games on his Nintendo Switch.

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