Action: Louder Than Words

As we kickoff the final push of our current Human Rights and the Climate Crisis campaign tomorrow at the STF Winter Leadership Workshop, we will reflect on our efforts to transition our schools to 100% renewable energy. STFers have demonstrated time and again that action speaks louder than words!

Here is a sampling of STF chapters’ accomplishments so far:

Canyon High School

Success: We hosted a chalk event for Human Rights Day and a lot of people came and wanted to know more about our club.

Challenge: Recruitment is a challenge for us, we spent too long trying to target specific groups.

Advice: Take a step back, get organized, and strategize to get your message out widely!

Culver City High School

Success: Last semester we built a relationship with our district’s Environmental Sustainability Board which we look forward to growing!

Challenge: We struggled to get in touch with all the right stakeholders on campus for our events.

Advice: It’s good to have relationships with important staff, such as the principal’s secretary, who will know how to reach them.

Hamilton High School

Success: We all wore green on the same day to draw attention to the need for renewable energy and got signatures for our petition.

Challenges: It took us awhile to get in touch with our new school principal, but she got back to us and we’re working on scheduling a meeting to discuss solar panels for our school.

Los Osos High School

Success: Getting an energy audit for our school.

Challenges: We faced apathy from our school leaders at first; they didn’t take us seriously.

Advice: We recommend persevering with your decision-makers! We met with our school leaders multiple times, approaching them from different perspectives. With some trial and error we were able to get through to them.

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