Activity and Event Ideas

Use this page to help you plan an event or activity based on how much time you have. An activity can be as simple as one student with a sign (think of Greta Thunberg!) or something that takes a lot of planning and involves many students. ALL actions are valuable no matter how many participate! Remember, human rights advocacy starts with the person next to you.

“We Have A Voice, Let’s Use It!” video of STF in action. (Click to watch, 0:47)

Activities/events you can plan in as little as 24 hours: These can be planned individually or as a group, and likely don’t need permission from teachers or school administrators to host.

  • Share why human rights are important to you on social media or in one-on-one conversations
  • Host a conversation with teachers, friends, fellow-students and the value of human rights
  • Human rights trivia during chapter meeting or at lunch (STF members share questions and discuss). Use these definitions or the UDHR to brainstorm
  • QR code to the UDHR or human rights facts to pass out at lunch
  • Chalk human rights phrases and facts on sidewalks around campus (verify with your teacher advisor if you need permission to do this on campus!)
  • Schoology/Google Classroom posts about human rights
  • Post a video on social media and ask friends to share

Activities/events you can plan in one week: These will likely need multiple participants AND permission from teachers or school administrators to host.

  • Everyone wear the same color on the same day to raise awareness
  • Take your school’s human rights temperature at lunch and ask students which issues were most important to them
  • Interactive human rights tent at lunch. Include a take-action element, such as signing petitions or making a pledge to stand up for human rights at school, etc.
  • Human rights trivia event during lunch (All STF members share questions, start conversations)
  • Ask teachers to promote your advocacy/event in their classes (STF students present OR give information for teacher to share)
  • Present about human rights at a Town Hall/Assembly/All-school meeting
  • Give homeroom/advisory presentations on why human rights are important. Show one of the HRW Human Rights 101 Video Series as a resource
  • Advertise through ASB
  • Make an announcement to the whole school
  • Place flyers, posters, QR code (linking to the UDHR, your STF chapter meeting information, or human rights facts) around campus (bulletin boards, etc.)
  • Connect with allies on campus (other clubs, committees, parents groups, etc.)
  • Send a community-wide email (to students and parents), mailer, and/or post on the school website
  • Create social media posts asking your community to share which human rights are most important to them and why (Nextdoor, Instagram, Facebook, etc.)
  • Write an op-ed piece for the school or local newspaper

Activities/events that need extensive time to plan: These will need a large number of participants AND permission from teachers or school administrators to host.

  • Host a teach-in at lunch/after school with underclassmen
  • Present at faculty meetings
  • Ask teachers to incorporate human rights in curriculum (the STF team can provide lesson plans and resources)
  • Ask teachers to offer extra credit to students who do research on human rights issues facing your community or around the world
  • Present about the importance of human rights at Town Hall/Assembly/All-school meeting
  • Partner with other clubs on campus to do a teach-in or die-in
  • Set up outdoor display where people can see, hear, and walk past such as a human rights tent event or art exhibit (collect single use plastic thrown away on campus and turn it into an art installation; create a mural, etc.)
  • Everyone wear STF t-shirts
  • Three-day build-up of advocacy: Day 1 share human rights facts at lunch or in classes; Day 2 take the human rights temperature of your school (for every 5 people you get to sign the petition, you get a raffle ticket to win school swag/prize); Day 3 raffle announcement and walkout or die-in
  • Organize a Human Rights Task Force on campus (if interested, ask an STF team member)
  • Start a school podcast to educate on human rights

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