Alex Alpharaoh Inspires SAMO

Alex Alpharaoh performs his spoken word show, “WET: A DACAmented Journey” for students at Santa Monica High School. Photo by Guilia Trevellin and Lea Yamashiro

October 16, 2017: To personalize the struggles of undocumented youth in the United States, the HRW Student Task Force Santa Monica High School chapter invited Alex Alpharaoh, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipient and spoken word artist, to perform his show “WET: A DACAmented Journey” for more than 400 students and teachers. Alex shared the painful challenges he faced growing up in Los Angeles without legal status, and how the DACA program changed his life.

During the Q&A, Alex answered questions about his family, artistic inspirations and advice for other undocumented youth. After the performance, he told STFers, “It’s important what you’re doing. Make sure your (DACA) classmates know you support them. That’s the best way to help.”

Alex Alpharaoh will perform at seven other STF chapters in coming weeks, inspiring our “Immigrants Are U.S.” campaign.

Alex Alpharaoh takes a selfie on stage at Santa Monica High School during his Q&A with students.
Photo by Alex Alpharaoh

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