Allies in Action: Part 2

Students at Palisades Charter High School stand in the shape of 100 representing efforts to transition their school to 100% renewable energy. Video by William Rene (click to watch, 0:17)

Dear STFers,

Thank you for demonstrating your commitment to human rights and fighting climate change by campaigning to transition your schools to 100% renewable energy. Your chalking and lights out events, petitions, presentations, photos and paper chains made the climate crisis something your schools and district decision-makers can no longer ignore!

Check out photos from Monday-Thursday and scroll to see Friday’s events!

In Solidarity,
Pam, Kristin, Jordan, Brennie and Joel

STFers at Animo Venice Charter High School pose outside a classroom during their “lights out” event, inviting teachers and students to commit to energy efficiency and sign their petition. Photo by Tina Rose
In front of their human rights mural, Carson High School STF students make the shape of 100 to highlight efforts to transition their school to 100% renewable energy. Photo by Brennie Dale
Partnering with members of La Fuerza and AVPA Art, Culver City High School’s STF students designed climate change awareness chalk murals on campus. Photo by Lila Braggard
STF Ambassadors at Los Osos High School created a paper chain out of their classmates’ hopes and fears around climate change and displayed it on campus. Photos by Raneem Trad
Valencia High School STF students drew climate phrases in chalk to raise awareness for STF’s campaign. Photo by Erin Kim

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