Allies in Action

STFers at Da Vinci Schools invite students and staff to participate in a school-wide climate chalking event on Thursday.
Photo by Lincoln Evans

November 1-5: Throughout the week, students across Southern California echoed the efforts of global leaders at COP26, asking their schools and districts to make commitments that will change the future of this planet. Raising awareness about the need for their schools to transition to 100% renewable energy, STFers made their voices heard through “lights out” initiatives for energy efficiency, letters to decision-makers, class presentations, writing climate messages in chalk and more.

Scroll to learn about some of these efforts:

At a faculty meeting on Wednesday, STF leaders at Animo Venice Charter HS ask teachers to support a school-wide “lights out” event. Photo by Tina Rose
Carson STF members present the campaign and ask classmates to sign their petition during Zero Period classes on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Photo by Adia Maghinay
New Roads Upper School participates in a “lights out” event on Thursday to raise awareness about the importance of energy conservation. STF leaders also developed and posted a checklist next to all classroom and office doors to remind students and teachers to turn off lights, electronics and AC units when leaving the room. Photo by Sean Brookes
Throughout the week, as students walk through Sierra Canyon School’s main stairwell, they are presented with climate facts, an ask to take action by signing a petition and an opportunity to share their thoughts about the need to transition their school to 100% renewable energy. Photo by Mariyah Jamali
STF Ambassadors at Wildwood use their campus TV system to share climate fast facts throughout the week.
Photo by Ever Trattner

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