Animo Venice STFers Receive GirlsBuild $2,000 Grant

STFers at Animo Venice Charter High School celebrate receiving the GirlsBuild grant during a chapter meeting on October 3, 2023.
Photo by STF Team

We are delighted to share that the STF leaders at Animo Venice Charter High School were one out of 60 groups across the U.S. awarded a grant from GirlsBuild Project, which encourages students to use technology to lead a civic engagement project that impacts their community.

The Animo Venice chapter will use the $2,000 grant to promote #StudentsNotProducts and advocate for digital privacy and data security. Working with students, parents, and teachers across their campus, the team will build a website, run a social media campaign, educate their peers, and speak to congressional representatives to demand data protection laws.

STF Co-Vice President, Danna H., was inspired to apply for this grant when she learned that many students were unaware of how EdTech companies use children’s data and violated their human right to privacy.

“I feel very excited because I’ve never won something this extreme and I hope with this money it will help us move forward with our plan of helping #StudentsNotProducts,” said Danna.

Congratulations Animo Venice STFers!

The STF Team: Kristin, Gabbi, Amanda, and Anushka

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