Armenian Genocide

Case Study: Armenian Genocide


When: 1915 – 1923

Where: Former Ottoman Empire


  • Perpetrators: The Young Turkish Government
  • Targets: Armenians living in the Ottoman Empire


  • 800,000 to 1.5 million Armenians dead
  • ~500,000 refugees

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USC Shoah Foundation: The Armenian Film Foundation’s film archive contains nearly 400 interviews of Armenian Genocide survivors and witnesses who are now deceased. The interviews were conducted in 10 countries, primarily in English and Armenian—some in rare Armenian dialects—though other interview languages include Arabic, Greek, Spanish, French, Kurdish, Turkish, German, and Russian. The interviewees were between the ages of eight and 29 at the time of the genocide.

The Promise Official Trailer (2:29)
(Click to watch, 2:29)
104 Year Old Grandma Shares Her Story (5:26)
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