As Earth Sizzles, Climate Ed Simmers

Clementine Causse and 14 other students present to the faculty of Palisades Charter High School their support for climate curricula throughout all grade levels and courses.
Photo by Steve Engelmann

In 2021, the Human Rights Watch Student Task Force at Palisades Charter High School successfully urged the school’s Board of Directors to adopt their resolution to incorporate climate curriculum in all courses. The students’ assertion is that the world they are graduating into already has climate change baked in. To be prepared for this future, students need to understand the consequences of a changing climate. Government policies, international relations, human rights, changing economies, green careers, the role of the arts and more need be integrated in cross-curricular pathways.

Passing the resolution was only the first step. Students have continued to push to fulfill the resolution’s goals. In a March faculty meeting, students presented a Google website where teachers can create an archive of units and lessons ready for use. The website will also serve as a platform for innovation and collaboration. The initiative is largely driven by the insistence of students.

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