Asylum Seeker Testimonies

Those entering the United States in recent months have made long, dangerous journeys over many weeks. These are their stories. Hover over each photo and click the arrow to learn more.

El Paso Crossing

Full shelters, living at the bus stop, and an uncertain future. This is the humanitarian crisis at the U.S. border. Click the arrow to learn more.

Family Separated in the Jungle

A girl loses her mother in the perilous Darién gap and a migrant’s dream dies. Click the arrow to learn more.

Journey from Cuba

The shortest route from Cuba to the U.S. is 90 miles. Liset Barrios takes the long way to avoid sea travel. Click the arrow to learn more.

2022: Deadliest Year for Migrants

Texas Sheriff says he finds bodies of migrants near the U.S. Southern Border almost every day. Click the arrow to learn more.

Family Kidnapped in Mexico

Click the arrow to watch the video.

Venezuelans Make Deadly Trek

Olga Ramos trekked for days over rivers and mountains, carrying a child through mud so deep it threatened to swallow them whole. Click the arrow to learn more.

More Stories:

  • Houston Chronicle: Operation Lone Star emails reveal Texas troopers told to push children into Rio Grande, deny migrants water.
  • LA Times Article: Families must apply for asylum on an overloaded mobile app and risk facing family separation or waiting indefinitely.
  • USA Today Video: A Venezuelan family seek asylum in the United States and end up in New York City as part of El Paso’s busing program. (Click to watch, 25:55)
  • Ted Talk Video: U.S. immigration lawyer Carla Swensen-Haslam shares her experience working with asylum seekers along the southern border and gives recommendations for how Americans can help. (Click to watch, 12:19)

Photo credits from left to right, top row to bottom row: Adriana Zehbrauskas, Frederico Rios, Lisette Poole, Rosa Flores, CBS Mornings Video, Frederico Rios

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