Building Allies for Renewable Energy

Download and personalize your “Ally Presentation” for your ally audiences.

Use this Google Doc to track your STF Chapter’s outreach progress.

Collect signatures on this petition to encourage your school to transition to 100% renewable energy.

Use this Google Doc to plan your ally presentation.

Ally Presentation Goals:

  • Recruit on- and off-campus partners who want to support the transition of our school to 100% renewable energy.
  • Share and distribute information about the Green Schools Campaign.
  • Provide opportunities for others to get involved and take action.

Think Through:

  • What is your message? How can you make it impactful and memorable? A compelling organizing narrative will help you successfully connect with your audience about the transition to renewable energy. Consider the following:
    • Oceans Are Rising, So Are We.
    • The Climate is Changing. So Should We.
    • Safer, Cleaner and Greener.
    • Wind, Water and Sun = Energy for the Long Run.
  • What is your mission statement? Consider the following:
    • [School name] must commit to energy efficiency, transition to 100% clean renewable energy sources (solar, wind, geothermal) and focus on environmental justice and equity by [a specific date].” 
  • What type of support are you asking for?
  • How will your message be modified for science teachers, on-campus clubs, PTAs, etc.?
  • How do you secure a time to give an in-person or virtual presentation to any of the above?
  • How do you conduct your in-person or virtual presentation?

Final Reminders for Your Meetings:

  • Use STF sample slideshow to accompany your meeting. Personalize it for each ally presentation.
  • Briefly introduce yourself, the Student Task Force, and our “Human Rights and the Climate Crisis Campaign”, emphasizing the connection between human rights and climate change.
  • Sharing why you are personally motivated to take part in this advocacy effort will help personalize the campaign for your potential ally.
  • Don’t forget to emphasize ways the ally can support or be part of the campaign (i.e., sign our petition, make a phone call to our school administrators/school board members voicing your support, etc.)
  • Welcome feedback/questions/comments/concerns regarding the issue. If you’re asked something you can’t answer, let them know you’ll find out more and follow up. And then actually follow up!
    • Don’t be afraid to make this a conversation and ask them questions too, including asking if you can provide additional information they need (i.e., doing research about an issue of concern, or rallying more community support for the issue).
  • Leave behind supporting materials you want them to have (i.e., copy of slideshow, list of opportunities to get involved, 100% renewable energy fast fact sheet, etc.)
  • Send a thank you email that also recaps the meeting.

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