Californians Want…


Proposition 57 accomplishes this by:

  • Providing Incentives for Inmates to Complete Rehabilitation: Incentivizes people in prison who maintain good behavior and complete rehabilitation or education programs to earn credit toward release.
  • Permitting Parole for Rehabilitated Inmates with Nonviolent Convictions: Authorizes parole consideration for people with nonviolent convictions who complete the full sentence for their primary offense.
  • Preventing Prosecutors from Transferring Youth to Adult Court: Requires judges rather than prosecutors to decide whether a youth as young as 14-years-old should be tried as an adult. Judges are unbiased, and under Prop 57, would determine whether or not to send youth to the adult system after a hearing where the prosecutor, defense, psychologists, school officials and other people involved in the youth’s life testify.

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