Calling on Congress

Carlsbad STF leaders speak with Congressman Mike Levin. Photo by Brandon Faulkner

April 25, 2024: Carlsbad STFers became the first chapter to speak with their Congressional representative to discuss plans to protect asylum seekers. Carlsbad is in San Diego County, which is now the top border region for migrant arrivals.

After persevering with his scheduler, Carlsbad STFers set up a phone call with Congressman Mike Levin, where he focused on the Dignity Act, a piece of legislation he has drafted to improve the immigration process. STFers steered the conversation back to deadly deterrence policies like Operation Lone Star, Title 8 and the CBP One App.

STF co-president Yousha stated, “Our biggest issue is that the systems on the border do not make room for asylum seekers. The Dignity Act is not changing those systems which are fundamentally broken.”

Congressman Mike Levin responded by asking STFers to highlight their concerns with the Dignity Act and send their input to his staff.

Next month, STF leaders plan on going to Levin’s office in person to deliver their collection of more than 500 petition signatures against deadly deterrence policies.

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