Canyon Cares About Climate Change

A series of dioramas at Canyon’s STF exhibit show the progressive levels of flooding and how that will affect our homes, animals, plants, and ourselves. Photo by Dennis Yong

March 10 2020: Canyon High School STF held an educational exhibit about the devastating effects of climate change on human rights. AP environmental science and social studies classes rotated through the exhibit, which featured four tents:
  • Increased flooding in coastal areas
  • Extended droughts and resulting fires
  • Effects on agriculture
  • The water crisis in Johannesburg
The tents each displayed headlines from recent events that show climate change’s impact, such as the disappearance of the Solomon Islands or the recent Australia fires. They also included heart-wrenching pictures from these affected areas.
The exhibit concluded with an action station in which students were invited to make personal pledges or petition for legislation to slow the effects of climate change.

Submitted by Nina Pedro, Canyon STF President

STF members explain the ongoing water crisis plaguing Johannesburg for the last several years.
Photo by Dennis Yong

Students learn about food and job insecurity because of climate change. Photo by Dennis Yong

Posters about the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) remind students that they have a human right to use their voices to advocate for themselves! Photo by Nina Pedro

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