Carson, Da Vinci and Golden Valley STF Chapters Register Voters

October 19, 2018: Preparing to beat California’s voter registration deadline on Monday, October 22, STF members at Carson Senior HS, Da Vinci Schools and Golden Valley HS registered and preregistered more than 100 students during lunch time activities throughout the week. They faced down high winds in Santa Clarita Valley and made last minute adjustments to improvise. Other schools used tents, voter booths, signs, announcements, student-made videos and mock election ballots to engage their classmates and work to increase voter turnout on November 6.

Voter preregistration will continue throughout the semester to prepare for the future elections after November midterms. STF chapters are now educating their campus communities about how to vote for human rights and helping voters determine their day-of voting plans.

Scroll to see photos of the events:

Carson Senior HS STF members registered more than 60 future California voters and another 20 classmates signed the “I Will Use My Voice” pledge to get additional people registered ahead of the October 22 deadline. Photo by Kristin Ghazarians
More than 40 Da Vinci Design students registered to vote during lunch. Photo by Stephanie Osorio
Students at Golden Valley HS participated in a mock election and got registered to vote. Photo by Ricardo Piña

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