Counting Down to Human Rights Day

November 15 – December 5: Empowering their peers and implementing this year’s Action Plan, STFers from Animo Venice Charter HS, Canyon HS, Carlsbad HS, Los Osos HS, Palisades Charter HS, and Wildwood School hosted simulations, film screenings, trivia games and petition signing tables.

Scroll to see photos of their events:

December 4, 2023: Animo Venice STFers implemented the #StudentsNotProducts simulation to teach their peers about digital privacy and human rights. The chapter collaborated with computer science and English teachers, facilitating the simulation for 8 classes and reaching around 200 students. Photo by STF Team

December 1, 2023: To celebrate Human Rights Day, Canyon HS STFers hosted a district-wide film screening event. The film, “A Path to Dignity,” follows human rights educators who are creating change in their communities. To encourage participation, they held the event before a basketball game and partnered with teachers to offer extra credit for attendance and completion of a worksheet. Photo by Maya Evans

December 5, 2023: STFers at Carlsbad High School explain U.S. deadly deterrence policies to their peers while collecting petition signatures to deliver to Congressman Mike Levin. Congratulations to Carlsbad, one of our newest STF chapters, for collecting over 90 signatures! Photo by Brandon Faulkner

November 15, 2023: As part of the Human Rights on the Southern Border Action Plan, Los Osos HS STFers explained the human rights violations caused by deadly deterrence policies on the U.S.-Mexico border at a lunch tabling event. Students signed petitions that will be delivered to Representative Judy Chu. Congratulations to Los Osos on collecting over 200 signatures! Photo by Tommy Tang

November 17, 2023: During a human rights trivia game, STFers at Palisades Charter HS quizzed classmates to see how much they really know about their human rights and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Photo by Chris Andres

December 4, 2023: Wildwood School’s STF Chapter screened “The Real Death Valley” and collected 120 petition signatures, fulfilling a pledge they made at the start of this semester to double their total signatures! The chapter also hosted an information table on Operation Lone Star. Attendees stayed after the event to continue the discussion and shared that the film was particularly impactful.

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