Crisis In A Tent!

Student Task Force members experience an abundance of solar at Pali’s tent event. Photo by Genessi Lizama

Wednesday, March 23: Palisades Charter High School STF hosted their all-day climate education tent event in the center quad. Seven classes with students from all four grade levels visited the tents. They learned general climate crisis facts and filled out a survey to share if they’ve learned about climate change in school. They explored four types of renewable energy and heard more about STF’s goal to transition Pali to solar-powered energy. In the environmental justice tent students discovered injustices globally and in Los Angeles. Those who contribute the least to climate change suffer the most! Exhibit visitors also explored stories of the millions of climate migrants who have been forced to abandon their homes due to extreme weather and severe droughts.

Discovering how close they live to active oil drilling, one ninth grade student remarked, “I can’t believe I live right next to five oil wells, and I had never even heard about this before!” Another student described evacuating during the 2019 fire in the Palisades. Comparing her experience with climate migrants, she said, “We had to leave in the middle of the night. I threw an entire dresser drawer in my bag and realized later I didn’t have anything I needed.” Climate-induced heat waves and drought will only make stories like hers more common. STF member Maddy said, “It was so gratifying when students would ask us questions because it showed that they really cared about these issues and that we were getting through to them!”

STF’s tent event paves the way for Climate Summit Day on Earth Day, Friday, April 22. Pali’s first ever Climate Summit Day will feature a special class schedule so that every teacher can offer a lesson related to climate change. Students will participate in lunchtime activities including tables about sustainable household products, the dangers of fast fashion, how and why to eat less meat (welcome, Rainforest Menu!), and more. LAUSD Board District 4 Representative Nick Melvoin will attend Pali’s Climate Summit Day to learn about student initiatives and to speak about his support of Pali’s advocacy to transition to 100% renewable energy.

Students gather to hear the Climate Education welcome message from a Pali STF student leader. Photo by Kristin Ghazarians
Students take notes on& how the climate crisis is impacting land, air, and seas around the world. Photo by Angelica Pereyra
STF’s tents in action on Pali’s center quad. Photo by Angelica Pereyra
Watch this video to see Pali’s tent event in action! (Click to watch, 1:01)

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