Defend the Right to Vote

Nicole Austin-Hillery speaks with STF from Virginia at the 2020 STF Virtual Fall Leadership Workshop.
(Click to watch, 43:28)

September 12, 2020: Inspired by Nicole Austin-Hillery, HRW’s Executive Director of the U.S. Program, STF launched their Vote for Human Rights Campaign at the 2020 STF Virtual Fall Leadership Workshop.

“When we talk about voting and strengthening our democracy through the power of the vote, let’s, as justice warriors and justice seekers, focus on telling everyone you have to get out and vote… It’s your right and it’s the way you ensure you will be heard above and beyond anything else,” Nicole said.

Nicole urged participants to defend the human right to vote by getting people registered to vote, signed up to be poll workers and monitoring for instances of voter suppression. Watch Nicole’s conversation and Q&A.

Participants learned the mechanics of registering and how to be student poll workers. Everyone broke into brainstorm groups to discuss the best ways to launch the Vote for Human Rights Campaign in their communities.

Following the workshop, student leaders have been meeting to implement workshop ideas and utilize the new Vote for Human Rights campaign toolkit.

Recording of the complete 2020 STF Virtual Fall Leadership Workshop. (Click to watch, 1:18:59)

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