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Antioch University (Culver City, CA)SchoolIcon
Type of ennsrogram: B.A. in Urban Studies

Explore the dynamics of diverse forces that shape the urban setting in the context of human rights and social justice, and the power of action, community organizing, place-making, and social change. This innovative program recognizes the unique needs and realities of our local and regional human and ecological communities. Students receive the needed training to become effective change-makers who can envision a socially, economically, racially, and ecologically just future, and who will participate in the diverse coalitions and alliances necessary to inspire and make that future a reality. Click to learn more.

Brandman University (Irvine, CA)Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 1.33.22 PM
Type of program: B.A. in Social Work

The purpose of the social work profession is to enhance the well-being of individuals, families, and communities. The Bachelor of Arts in Social Work program seeks to encompass the diverse areas of social, political, cultural, economic, organizational and technological processes that affect change in societal dynamics. The program is professionally accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE). Graduates will have the foundation for entry-level social work careers in areas such as child welfare, community mental health, developmental disabilities, criminal justice and other settings and/or have the preparation needed to begin a higher level of study in the field. Click to learn more.

qB9P_AEPCalifornia Baptist University (Riverside and Santa Ana, CA)
Type of program: Minor in Global Justice

CBU’s School of Christian Ministries offers a minor in global justice that is designed to complement a variety of professional degrees taken by students who wish to serve in non-profit relief and development work, either domestically or internationally. The integrated curriculum will provide an introduction to the theological and theoretical foundations of social justice, the major social problems and movements, international organizations, and models of integrating their major/professional discipline with global service. Click to learn more.

California State University Monterey Bay (Seaside, CA)CSU_Monterey_Bay
Type of program: Minor in Peace Studies

The Peace Studies Minor offers an interdisciplinary analysis of conflict and nonviolent movements both in the U.S. and globally. Student learning is supported through our commitment to assets-based learning models and the minor’s dual approach of process (conflict resolution and nonviolence skills) and content (global conflict, feminist theory of violence, religious peacemaking, histories and philosophies of nonviolence). Peace Studies minors will engage the campus community with the surrounding communities in shared commitments to developing scholarly and applied strategies for peace building. Click to learn more.

csunorthridgeCalifornia State University Northridge (Northridge, CA)
Type of program: GE Paths: Social Justice

The primary goal of the Social Justice Path is to encourage students to think critically about social justice, to recognize it as foundational for peaceful societies, and to look for ways to promote it. Through interdisciplinary studies students will learn about distinct definitions of social justice and historical and contemporary issues related to it. They will analyze the ways that socially constructed beliefs and expectations associated with race, ethnicity, nation, religion, developmental challenges, gender, and/or sexuality become institutionalized and facilitate and/or limit people’s ability to exercise equal social, political, and economic rights. Click to learn more.

Type of program: B.A. in Gender & Women’s Studies

The Gender & Women’s Studies Department at CSUN emphasizes interdisciplinary, cross-cultural and transnational studies with a focus on gender. It includes course work in feminist theories, women and social movements, transnational feminisms, women of color feminisms, postcolonial feminism, women’s economic conditions in the context of globalization and development, productions of women in the media and literature, queer studies, women’s health and masculinity studies. Click to learn more.

Type of program: B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies, Track B: Human Rights

The Interdisciplinary Studies Option leads to a variety of career options. Students may pursue graduate education in fields such as law, public administration, social services, the arts, and urban planning. Liberal Studies students are eligible for most jobs in which a college degree is required. Your Liberal Studies degree signifies to others that you are a capable well-rounded individual who can accomplish complex tasks and communicate well with others. The CSUN Career Center is available to explore your many career options. Click to learn more.

Type of program: Minor in Queer Studies

The Queer Studies minor focuses on histories, contemporary experiences, and community-based knowledges of lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, transgender people, inter-sexed people, queers, and others who occupy non-heterosexist and non-normative gender positionalities. The program explores how heterosexism, heteronormativity and transphobia intersect and collide with national, ethnic, racial, class and other identifications, fostering a community of learners who grapple with issues of diversity, gender, sexuality and social justice. Click to learn more.

9D8E7892-65CF-CDB0-BF7E-20B0D8B1FBE4-csusb-logo-5-csusb-vert-rgb-600-504California State University San Bernardino (San Bernardino, CA)
Type of program: B.A. in Criminal Justice

A system of criminal justice must meet the needs of each citizen as well as the needs of complex social, economic and governmental institutions. The Bachelor of Arts degree program in criminal justice was developed with these needs in mind and is appropriate for both career-bound preservice students and inservice personnel in law enforcement, probation, parole, corrections, social service agencies and related areas. The criminal justice major is an interdisciplinary program with enough flexibility to permit students to pursue their own interests. Click to learn more.

Type of program: B.A. in Social Work

The BASW is the beginning professional degree in the field of social work. Our BASW curriculum is an exciting and highly structured two-year program that students begin after completing lower division course requirements. Students are admitted to the program only in the fall and take a year-long sequence of human behavior, social welfare policy, and social work research courses their first year. In the second year, social work practice courses are taken concurrently with a two-day per week placement in a social service agency. Click to learn more.

imagesChapman University (Orange, CA)
Type of program: B.A. in Peace Studies

The mission of the Peace Studies Program is to educate students about the causes of violence and war, to train them in the history and techniques of peacemaking and encourage them to pursue careers that will promote peace and justice in both the global and local arenas. The B.A. in Peace Studies is excellent preparation for those seeking to pursue careers in international affairs, whether through the Foreign Service, Peace Corps, the United Nations, or international Non-Governmental Organizations. Areas of involvement might include human rights, social and economic development, disarmament, conflict analysis, and general peacemaking. Click to learn more.

Humboldt State University (Arcata, CA)300x300-1
Type of program: B.A. in International Studies with a Global Cultural Studies Concentration

International Studies is an interdisciplinary Program that brings together the strengths of faculty from across the university to examine the major issues of the contemporary world, combined with language skills and a study abroad experience. This Concentration focuses on cross-disciplinary exploration of issues pertinent to developing countries. This Concentration focuses on the diverse forms of transnational cultural production (musical, literary, filmic, artistic) that characterize the modern era. Click to learn more.

Loyola Marymount University (Los Angeles, CA)loyola-marymount-university_416x416
Type of program: B.A. in Women’s and Gender Studies

Women’s and Gender Studies engages students in a critical understanding of the complex ways gender shapes the world around them, particularly in relation to race, sexuality, class, and other social factors. Women’s and Gender Studies invites all students to participate in a vibrant interdisciplinary program of study that places women at the center of traditional disciplines. It encourages the critical examination of academic fields such as the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and the arts as well as the gendered assumptions that underwrite them. Click to learn more.

Mount St. Mary’s College (Los Angeles, CA)mount-st-mary-s-college-squarelogo
Type of program: B.A. in Sociology, Specialization 1: Human Rights

The Department of Sociology at Mount Saint Mary’s University applies a human rights framework as proclaimed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations (1948) to examine social behavior in many contexts, including the family, the community, and the workplace, at the local, regional, national, and global levels. The human rights specialization addresses the fundamental challenges of population growth, migration, cultural diffusion and environmental change, through the lens of human rights advocacy. Click to learn more.

Occidental College (Los Angeles, CA)618c88fda2240f1696ece9b86a35c74d_400x400
Type of program: B.A. in Critical Theory and Social Justice

Critical Theory and Social Justice is an interdisciplinary department, drawing on ideas from across traditional academic disciplines. The CTSJ Department brings together critical theories to analyze, unpack, and address issues and approaches to social justice. Courses and projects draw from theoretical and experiential approaches, including community-based learning and community-based research. Click to learn more.

San Diego State University (San Diego, CA)images-1
Type of program: B.A. or Minor in LGBTQ Studies

San Diego State University is only the second college or university in North America to have a major in Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Studies, beginning in January 2012. SDSU has also had a minor in LGBT Studies since fall 2009, and now has a Graduate-Level Certificate in LGBT Studies. LGBT Studies is an interdisciplinary program, not affiliated with any one department. Courses offered include LGBT literature, history of sexuality, media and sexuality, psychology of human sexual behavior, sexuality in modern society, valuing human diversity, lesbian lives and cultures, among many others. Click to learn more.

San Francisco State University (San Francisco, CA)c6f2f7aa0aff498981c41db3d9d291c9
Type of program: Minor in World Development Studies

The field of world development studies looks at the comprehensive transformations that have been brought to human societies across the globe by the spread of the industrial revolution. Approximately one-third of the world’s population enjoys a higher material standard of living due to industrialization, whereas two-thirds are in relative poverty. The likelihood, means, and consequences of closing this gap provide the central foci of world development studies. Since this social transformation affects all aspects of human existence, all of the social science disciplines devote important efforts to understanding it. Though the minor is not intended as a complete career preparation, it certainly serves as an introduction to a growing career field. Click to learn more.

San Jose State University (San Jose, CA)Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 10.26.02 AM
Type of program: B.S. or Minor in Justice Studies

The undergraduate program in Justice Studies provides students with an interdisciplinary curriculum that engages in critical analysis of justice issues. Core classes focus on theory and empirical research that addresses the relationship between law, justice, the justice system, and society. Electives address a number of more specialized and topical justice-related issues. Drawing upon the rigorous undergraduate program in Justice Studies, the minor also provides students with an interdisciplinary curriculum that engages in critical analysis of justice issues. Click to learn more.

Santa Clara University (Santa Clara, CA)santa-clara-university_416x416
Type of program: B.A. or Minor in Ethnic Studies

One of the oldest programs of its kind, Ethnic Studies examines the legacy of ethnic and racial inequalities in the U.S, sources of resistance and transformation, and the contemporary impacts of these changes. Rooted in the lives of African Americans, Asian/Pacific Islander Americans, Chicanas/os and Latinas/os, and Native Americans/American Indians, Ethnic Studies provides both in-depth study of key populations and comparative analysis.  Click to learn more.

Scripps College (Claremont, CA)url
Type of program: B.A. in Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

The Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Department examines the categories women, gender, and sexuality as they intersect with race, class, ethnicities, belief systems, and nationalities. We offer an interdisciplinary framework through which to explore the social construction of gender and sexuality and the material impact of these constructions. We offer historical, contemporary, and transnational analyses of how the formation of gender and sexualities emerge in different contexts such as colonialism, nationalism, and globalization. Click to learn more.

Sonoma State University (Rohnert Park, CA)sonoma
Type of program: B.A. in Human Development

The Human Development major is designed to provide students with a comprehensive grounding in theoretical approaches to human development across the life span in comparative cross-species, cross-cultural, and multicultural, as well as class and gender perspectives. The Human Development major is interdisciplinary, meaning it draws on theories and concepts from multiple disciplines, including: Anthropology, Education, Gerontology, Psychology, Sociology, and Women’s & Gender Studies. Click to learn more.

University of California, Berkeley (Berkeley, CA)uc-berkeley-squarelogo
Type of program: B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies

The ISF houses a research-driven program of liberal education. It is a problem-based program, not a discipline. It offers motivated students the unique opportunity to develop an individualized cross-disciplinary Research Program that includes a Course of Study and a Senior Thesis. The Course of Study is made up of courses taken in the social sciences, the humanities, and/or the professional schools and colleges, alongside the required courses in ISF. Click to learn more.

5XfuJnG6University of California, Los Angeles (Los Angeles, CA)
Type of program: B.A. in International Development Studies

This Bachelor of Arts degree is designed for students interested in careers or vocations requiring an understanding of the diverse development experiences of the world. IDS students’ educational experiences are balanced between applied, field case-study learning and theoretical, conceptual knowledge. We believe strongly that these two types of learning are inseparable, and are useful for work in academia, government agencies, private industry, or non-governmental and non-profit organizations. Click to learn more.

Type of program: Minor in Public Affairs

Applied public policy is an increasingly important element of any modern education. The Minor in Public Affairs complements a liberal arts or science major through a systematic examination of a broad range of public policy issues, mainly through the analysis of specific social, political and economic problems addressed by each of the three departments in the School of Public Affairs: Social Welfare, Urban Planning, and Public Policy. Click to learn more.

university-of-san-diego_416x416University of San Diego (San Diego, CA)
Type of program: Minor in Peace and Justice Studies or Peacebuilding and Social Innovation

We offer two parallel minors to provide you with an understanding of critical issues in peace and justice. The first is for students currently enrolled in the University of San Diego who have already declared their intention to minor in Peace and Justice Studies. If you are newly enrolled in USD in September 2015 and beyond, you can choose the second minor in Peacebuilding and Social Innovation. Both minors are interdisciplinary in nature and aim to foster critical thinking, moral imagination and positive social change. Click to learn more.

Type of program: M.A. in Peace and Justice Studies

The Master of Arts in Peace and Justice (MAPJ) prepares people for careers in a wide range of sectors and areas related to conflict resolution and mediation, development, human rights, advocacy, social entrepreneurship and education. The program is designed for individuals seeking to acquire the fundamental knowledge and skills to become problem solvers and leaders in peacebuilding and social justice. Click to learn more.

Type of program: M.A. in Peacebuilding

Kroc School’s Master of Arts in Peacebuilding is designed for highly motivated leaders with five or more years of experience in peacebuilding areas such as: human rights, development, social innovation, conflict resolution, advocacy and humanitarian relief. The portfolio of courses offers new ideas and frameworks for analyzing causes of violence, injustice and oppression, with an emphasis on emerging phenomena. Throughout the year, students design fresh approaches to social problems. Click to learn more.

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 5.41.45 PMUniversity of Southern California (Los Angeles, CA)
Type of program: Minor in Non-Profits, Philanthropy and Volunteerism

This four-course minor enables students to learn about the nonprofit sector – its organizations, philanthropy and voluntary action. The three course core provides: (1) an overview of the nonprofit sector and philanthropy and its role in the United States, including its historical and theoretical foundations, its various components and its relation to public policy; (2) a focus on voluntary action and service as one means for social change and problem-solving; and (3) insights into the management of nonprofit organizations. Students select an elective that extends their understanding to the role of nongovernmental organizations in international affairs or to the role of public relations for nonprofits.
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Schools in the U.S.


Arizona State University (Tempe, AZ) 
Type of program: B.A. in Justice Studies

Justice studies is an innovative social science program examining current social justice issues, such as human rights, domestic violence and immigration, against a backdrop of legal systems, law and culture. The BA program in justice studies equips students with a dynamic knowledge of the world’s justice systems and gives them the skills to create meaningful, real-world change. Click here to learn more.

Type of program: B.S. in Justice Studies 

Justice studies examines current social justice issues through analyzing the legal system, law and culture and how these impact society. In the BS degree program in justice studies, students use statistics and quantitative application skills to understand social justice issues in diverse settings. The skills gained allow students to create real-world change and think of innovative ways to combat issues, among other things, of human rights, domestic violence and immigration. Click here to learn more.

300x300Brandeis University (Waltham, MA)
Type of program: Minor in Social Justice and Social Policy

The Social Justice and Social Policy Program also brings together an unusually broad spectrum of faculty and curriculum — combining the academic perspectives of arts and sciences departments with professional expertise from the Heller School for Social Policy and Management. Students are encouraged to explore policy areas in concrete detail, focused variously on particular groups (children, the elderly, people with disabilities) or particular services (health care, income support). Click to learn more.

Type of program: Minor in Peace, Conflict and Coexistence Studies

Since the late 1980s, the focus of Brandeis’ Peace, Conflict and Coexistence Studies Program (PAX) has shifted from the Cold War and the nuclear threat to understanding how conflicts can be resolved nonviolently instead of violently — whether the conflicts are international, among groups and individuals, or even within the self. This emphasis supplements and intersects with the larger goal of ending war altogether. Click to learn more.

iBoston University (Boston, MA)
Type of program: Minor in Holocaust Studies & Genocide Studies 

The minor in Holocaust Studies & Genocide Studies offers students an opportunity to acquire basic academic tools of description and analysis of the various factors that contribute to the emergence of ultra-nationalist regimes and their genocidal policies. This minor enables the student to develop an awareness of the pluralism and an acceptance of diversity, as well as to explore the dangers of remaining silent, apathetic, and indifferent to the vilification and oppression of others.  Click to learn more.

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 2.27.08 PMBrown University (Providence, RI)
Type of program: Concentration in Development Studies

Development Studies is an interdisciplinary concentration whose main mission is to provide students with the knowledge, critical perspectives and skills they need to engage with the issues and problems of social and economic development, especially as they relate to the Global South. The concentration draws from a range of disciplines, but is particularly grounded in the social sciences: anthropology, sociology, political science, history and economics. Concentrators combine courses that offer local and historical knowledge of specific areas of the developing world, with those that explore transnational dimensions of development. Click to learn more.

Bryn Mawr College (Bryn Mawr, PA)bryn-mawr-college_416x416
Type of program: Concentration in Peace, Conflict, and Social Justice Studies

The Peace, Conflict, and Social Justice Studies concentration reflects Bryn Mawr’s and Haverford’s interest in the study of conflicts, peacemaking, and social justice as well as related issues of human rights. Through this program students can explore these phenomena through courses in the social sciences, such as anthropology, economics, education, history, political science, social psychology, and sociology, that are built around such foci, as well as through courses in the humanities and natural sciences through which issues of peace, conflict, social justice, and/or human rights can be highlighted and traced. Click to learn more.

clark-university_2015-04-20_14-38-29.079Clark University (Worcester, MA)
Type of program: B.A. in International Development, Community, and Environment

At IDCE students learn how to address complex problems and build community while managing resources wisely. In the classroom and in the field, IDCE students develop critical analytical skills, explore linkages between local and global perspectives, and focus on the human and ecological dimensions of sustainability. The major forces of social change — grass roots initiatives, social movements, government policy, market approaches, entrepreneurship, technological innovation, individual action, and education — form the core of our transdisciplinary studies. Click to learn more.

Type of program: Concentration in Peace Studies

Peace is not simply the absence of war. It is also the presence of justice and equality that ensures basic necessities of life are met. It involves the elimination of violence, oppression, greed and environmental destruction by the constructive mediation of conflicts. As a student concentrating in peace studies, you will examine the contexts in which conflict occurs: between individuals, in communities and organizations, and within societies and between states, and how conflict can lead to constructive change rather than violence Click to learn more.

colgate-university-logo-usa-225x225Colgate University (Hamilton, NY)
Type of program: B.A. or Minor in Peace and Conflict Studies

We invite you to join us as we dissect and strive to understand the nature of peace, violence, and conflict within human society. Our approach to this monumental task is interdisciplinary, drawing on research, methods, and insights from all disciplines as we build a fuller understanding of human peace and conflict. We offer you the opportunity to focus your studies on three distinct areas of specialization within the study of global and regional peace and conflict issues: collective violence, human security, and international social justice. Click to learn more.

Type of program: Minor in LGBTQ Studies

Sexuality offers a critical lens to analyze communities, cultures, and subcultures; institutions, discourses, and literatures; economic and political movements; the social construction of power, status, and hierarchies; and identity categories configured on the basis of age, ability, class, ethnicity, gender, race, and religion. Our minor course of study will allow you to gain critical understandings of normative categorization, query unspoken assumptions, examine social stratification and distributions of power, and explore the diversity of forms that sexuality has taken historically and in contemporary contexts. Click to learn more.

DePauw_Facebook_logoDePauw University (Greencastle, IN)
Type of program: B.A. or Minor in Conflict Studies

Because of the ubiquity and significance of conflict in human affairs, the study of the causes, processes and resolution of conflict is increasingly claiming a central place in how we understand and engage the world. Majors apply a wide array of theoretical lenses (e.g., Social Psychology, Gender, Critical Security, Post-Colonial) to the exploration of conflict at all levels (intra-personal to international), conflict-types (e.g., interest, value, structural) and substantive issues (e.g., contemporary armed conflict, human rights, environment, labor- management, globalization, culture, interfaith). Click to learn more.

Duke University (Durham, NC)images
Type of program: B.A. in Public Policy

A major in public policy studies aims to teach students how to make a difference in the complex policy issues of today. Rigorous coursework provides students skills in political and economic analysis, knowledge about how to lead people and organizations, and a strong ethical foundation for decision-making. As a liberal arts major, public policy studies teaches students to read critically, think analytically, and write concisely. A policy-oriented internship is a required part of the curriculum. Click to learn more.

Earlham College (Richmond, IN)earlham-college-squarelogo
Type of program: B.A. in Peace and Global Studies

Students who decide to major in Peace and Global Studies (PAGS) explore strategies for constructing a just and peaceful world. The goal of the program is to develop students’ competencies in fields contributing toward social transformation and peace. In a time of seemingly unending war, massive and deepening economic inequality, and disproportionate levels of violence experienced along the lines of race, class, gender, and sexuality, PAGS prepares students to confront these pressing matters. Click to learn more.

Fordham University (New York, NY)Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 2.33.17 PM
Type of program: B.A. in Humanitarian Studies

You see the injustice, poverty, and disaster zones around the world—and you must do something about them. If you believe, as we do, in Fordham’s Jesuit-inspired mission to care for others and fight for justice, the international humanitarian affairs major might be the perfect program for you. In our interdisciplinary program, offered by the Institute for International Humanitarian Affairs, you’ll examine the global impact of disasters, disease, poverty, conflict, human rights violations, and policies. You’ll learn the tools and techniques experts use to improve lives—and cast a critical eye on complex variables like politics. Click to learn more.

Gallaudet University (Washington, D.C.)gallaudet-squarelogo-1424433232643
Type of program: B.A. in Deaf Studies

By studying and living at the world’s only bilingual ASL and English university, you will become fluent in ASL and gain firsthand insight into the global deaf and hard of hearing community. Our highly published faculty are excellent teachers as well as scholars. Through the deaf studies program, they will help you build a strong foundation in the historical, sociological and cultural aspects of the deaf community to prepare for a career in deaf education, linguistics, interpretation, sociology or social work. Click to learn more.

893000_300George Mason University (Fairfax, VA)
Type of program: B.A. in Conflict Analysis and Resolution

The Bachelor of Arts Degree in Conflict Analysis and Resolution pulls content and courses from across the social science disciplines. Courses include an emphasis on asking the right questions to analyze conflict effectively and designing real world interventions that will work. Research and theory are paired with hands on skill development, preparing students for careers across a spectrum of possibilities. Click to learn more.

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 2.23.07 PMGeorgetown University (Washington, D.C.)
Type of program: B.A. in Justice and Peace

The program offers undergraduate students in Justice and Peace Studies (JUPS) a major in the Georgetown College of Arts and Sciences, as well as a minor in the College, the School of Nursing and Health Studies, and the McDonough School of Business, and a certificate in the School of Foreign Service. The program fosters creative and collaborative explorations of complex questions of practical morality and domestic and global politics. Click to learn more.

Type of program: B.S. in Foreign Service

SFS undergraduates enter a prestigious program with a legacy of academic excellence combined with a devotion to humanitarian service. Our location in Washington, DC provides students with unparalleled research and internship opportunities. And our Jesuit identity means that we are dedicated to producing students who work assiduously to make the world a better place for all. Students may focus within these majors: Culture and Politics, International Economics, International History, International Political Economy, International Politics, Regional and Comparative Studies, Science, Technology and International Affairs. Click to learn more.

bujL-q6mGoucher College (Towson, MD)
Type of program: B.A. or Minor in Peace Studies

In this interdisciplinary program, students explore those alternatives through the study of conflict, violence, and nonviolence in the lives of individuals, communities, and the shared world. Students consider peace and conflict theories as they apply to historical and contemporary conflicts around the world. Additionally, they practice reflection and critical thinking and render service to communities as engaged citizens in the practice of peace. Click to learn more.

harvard_university_logo_0Harvard University (Cambridge, MA)
Type of program: B.A. or Minor in Women, Gender, and Sexuality

The Committee on Degrees in Studies of Women, Gender, and Sexuality offers both a concentration (major) and secondary field (minor) for undergraduate students. Juniors can apply to write an undergraduate thesis during their senior year or to pursue a joint concentration, which gives them the opportunity to do in-depth research in WGS and another department. As a recent Harvard Crimson article put it, the small size of WGS, combined with its atmosphere of intellectual passion and openness, provides students with a unique sense of community. Click to learn more.

Type of program: M.S. in Global Health and Population

The Department of Global Health and Population is proud to be the first department of population sciences in any school of public health with a focus on global health from the very beginning. Over the past half- century, faculty members, students, and researchers in our department have helped shape the field, and launched some of the major ideas in global public health and population sciences. Click to learn more.

Northeastern University (Boston, MA)Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 12.03.31 PM
Type of program: B.A. in Human Services

The Human Services major prepares students for careers in social change by providing students with the theoretical and skill-based background necessary for practice and research. Students take academically rigorous courses relevant to the field while honing their skills through our extensive experiential educational opportunities. Through courses, service-learning, co-op and internships, students acquire professional skills related to counseling, nonprofit management, political advocacy, and organizational and community development. Click to learn more.

Northeastern University of Illinois (Chicago, IL)
Type of program: B.A. in Justice Studies

In Justice Studies, we seek to discover the social and historical roots of justice and injustice, and examine how popular understandings of these shape public policies, including those of the criminal justice system. We study systematic explanations for the failure (or triumph) of justice in society and explore the potential for transformative justice. Through critical inquiry, social science investigation, and experiential learning, Justice Studies students develop an understanding of social and economic justice issues and critical criminology, which studies the structural roots of crime and takes up the legal and social concerns of diverse, urban, low-income and disenfranchised communities whose members are often clients of the criminal justice system. Click to learn more.

Type of program: Minor in Social Justice 

Inequality and injustice are powerful and harmful forces in society, but they are often invisible to us. The Social Justice minor arms students with both extensive knowledge about these forces, and the skills needed to combat them in the United States and throughout the world. Core issues you will explore include the nature of social inequality (e.g., racial, ethnic, class, gender, sexual orientation, immigration status, etc.) that exist within systems of criminal justice, law, education, employment, health care, media, family, and human relationships and the competing interpretations of the causes of, and solutions to, inequality. Click to learn more.

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 2.22.27 PMNotre Dame University (South Bend, IN)
Type of program: Supplementary Major or Minor in Peace Studies

The Kroc Institute’s undergraduate program welcomes any student at the University of Notre Dame or Saint Mary’s College who is interested in peace, justice, human rights, and the future of the globe. The program empowers students to be effective citizens with knowledge and understanding of critical world issues; strengthens students’ skills in research, writing, conflict resolution, strategic peacebuilding and nonviolent social change; and challenges students to think and act in new ways, putting principles of social justice to work in making a difference to the world. Click to learn more.

173d48dSwarthmore College (Swarthmore, PA)
Type of program: Minor in Peace and Conflict Studies

The Peace and Conflict Studies Program at Swarthmore College provides students with the opportunity to examine conflict in various forms and at levels stretching from the interpersonal to the global. The multidisciplinary curriculum explores the causes, practice, and consequences of collective violence as well as peaceful or nonviolent methods of dealing with conflict. Students with any major, whether in course or in the Honors Program, may add a course minor in peace and conflict studies. Alternatively, students in the Honors Program may choose an honors minor in peace and conflict studies. Click to learn more.

urlSyracuse University (Syracuse, NY)
Type of program: B.A. in Citizenship and Civic Engagement

CCE, offered by the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs, is a double-major program. In addition to CCE, students choose a second major in a policy-relevant field, usually in the social sciences or public communications. Any major at SU can fit with CCE, depending on your interest, but popular companion majors include Anthropology, Broadcast and Digital Journalism, Economics, Food Studies, Geography, History, International Relations, Policy Studies, Political Science, Public Relations, Sociology and Women & Gender Studies. Click to learn more.

Type of program: Minor in Rhetoric and Public Advocacy

The undergraduate minor in rhetoric and public advocacy is an interdisciplinary program supported by the Department of Communication and Rhetorical Studies as well as the Writing Program in the College of Arts and Sciences and the Program for the Advancement of Research on Conflict and Collaboration in the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs. The 18-credit minor explores the connections between advocacy, as a pragmatic practice for social change, and rhetoric, as a historical tradition of public argument, within national and local contexts. Click to learn more.

tufts-university-squarelogoTufts University (Medford, MA)
Type of program: B.A. or Certificate in Peace and Justice Studies

The primary goal of the PJS program is the development of students’ knowledge and competencies in fields that contribute towards peace and social transformation. PJS was founded to provide students an academic means to integrate an understanding of the many crises facing the world and to encourage involvement in nonviolent attempts to build a world of peace and justice. Education, particularly higher education, offers a valuable setting for creating peace and justice through study and active involvement in social change processes. PJS is dedicated to working to provide a university-wide forum for the discussion of these issues. Click to learn more.

University-of-chicago_logoUniversity of Chicago (Chicago, IL)
Type of program: Minor in History

Students specializing in all disciplines are welcome to minor in history. Majors in global studies, political science, public policies, economics, and philosophy find that a history minor provides a historical understanding of social, cultural, political and economic issues. You may choose to take courses in a variety of fields, time periods, and thematic topics, with the aim of developing a broad understanding of historical change across time and space, or you may choose to focus on a specifically defined field of interest. Click to learn more.

university-of-colorado-at-boulder_416x416University of Colorado, Boulder (Boulder, CO)
Type of program: B.A. in Peace and Conflict Studies

Peace and Conflict Studies is an interdisciplinary field focused on advancing our understanding of conflict dynamics and improving our ability to wisely, equitably, and efficiently handle conflict. The program empowers students by teaching them the sophisticated advocacy, collaboration, and peacebuilding skills that are essential to solving today’s big problems. PACS offers an individually-tailored program of study that provides students with the ability to more constructively handle conflict in family, workplace, and community settings; a foundation for peace- and conflict-related careers; and a better understanding of public policy controversies. Click to learn more.

University_of_Denver_logoUniversity of Denver (Denver, CO)
Type of program: B.A. in International Studies

The BA Program in International Studies offers undergraduate students at the University of Denver critical knowledge and skills for succeeding in a world that has gone global. Whether your interests lie in business, law, environmental studies, social work, political science, or information technology, every student today needs to adapt to global issues, to grasp how the world works, and to have an international approach to their professional development. Click to learn more.

Type of program: M.A. in International Studies

The M.A. in International Studies combines an interdisciplinary core with an in-depth study of a disciplinary field and a substantive concentration. In addition to their topical studies, students obtain a broad exposure to the intellectual fields of international studies and the theoretical traditions scholars have used to study our complex world. Students interested in pursuing careers in diplomacy or other parts of the public sector, the private sector, or the nonprofit world often favor this degree. Click to learn more.

vert_sigUniversity of Florida (Gainesville, FL)
Type of program: Minor in International Development and Humanitarian Assistance

This interdisciplinary minor provides UF students with foundational skills and knowledge necessary to contribute productively in nonprofit organizations, private businesses and public-sector organizations involved with international development and humanitarian assistance. Core coursework focuses on international development policy and nonprofit organizations. Students may choose electives in agriculture, ecology, conservation, economic policy and regulations, contemporary international issues and foreign policy. Click to learn more.

University of Hawaii, Manoa (Honolulu, HI)300x300 12.20.18 PM
Type of program: B.A. in Peace Studies

Peace Studies broadens students’ perspectives and strengthens critical thinking on issues of war and peace, justice and human rights, and governance. Conflict resolution processes such as facilitation, mediation, and negotiation are necessary in organizational, community, and civic relations, and build important interpersonal skills that are vital to good leadership. Students develop a theoretical foundation to advance scholarship in peace studies, including human rights and advocacy, leadership and governance, policy analysis, and communications, while they learn and hone practical conflict management skills to develop as professionals in their chosen field. Click to learn more.

url 12.21.09 PMUniversity of Minnesota (Minneapolis, MI)
Type of program: Master of Public Affairs

The Master of Public Affairs (MPA) degree program is geared toward mid-career professionals who want to advance their skills in public and nonprofit leadership, management, and policy analysis at the local, state, national, or global level. Designed to stimulate personal and professional growth through concentrated work with dedicated peers, the MPA allows students to design a program that works best for them and their goals. Click to learn more.

635907252145221389-utk-logoUniversity of Tennessee (Knoxville, TN)
Type of program: Undergraduate Concentration or Graduate Certificate in Disasters, Displacement and Human Rights Program

The Disasters, Displacement, and Human Rights Program (DDHR) promotes holistic training, collaborative research, rigorous theoretical approaches, and applied work on historical and contemporary problems broadly associated with human rights concepts and norms. Through innovative, inter-subdisciplinary work in cultural, biological/forensic and archaeological anthropology we contribute to the development of anthropology as a science, as an art, and as a tool for improving the human condition. Click to learn more.

Wellesley College (Wellesley, MA)LgJpqEKI_400x400
Type of program: B.A. in Peace and Justice Studies

The Peace and Justice Studies Program provides an intellectual focus on forms of peacemaking and conflict resolution. The program combines the social scientific analysis of conflict with the study of strategies for promoting peace and justice. Areas of major focus in the program are international conflict and peacemaking, forms of conflict resolution, race, class and gender inequities, ethnic conflict, human rights, grassroots urban organizing, and environmental justice. The program focuses on domestic U.S. issues as well as international ones. Click to learn more.

International Schools


Universidad Nacional de General San Martin (Buenos Aires, Argentina)logo-universidad-nacional-de-general-san-martin
Type of program: MSc in Human Rights and Democratization in Latin America and the Caribbean

The MSc in Human Rights and Democratization in Latin America and the Caribbean is part of one of the seven regional programs that together make up an extensive academic network that includes universities and research centers worldwide. All programs are associated with the European Inter-University Centre for Human Rights and Democratization (EIUC). The Masters is part of the Global Campus Regional Masters on Human Rights and Democratization, whose mission is to train professionals in an integrated structure to respond to universal values ​​and standards and regional perspectives on human rights and strengthen democracy throughout the world. Click to learn more.

imagesUniversity of Toronto (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
Type of program: B.A. in Peace, Conflict and Justice

This degree program, which is guided by three distinct perspectives, moves beyond traditional international studies. It examines violent strife, from war between countries to revolution, insurgency, ethnic clashes, terrorism, and genocide within countries. Students study the underlying causes of this strife, including poverty, resource scarcity, weapons proliferation, competing claims for justice, and failures of foreign-policy decision making. Click to learn more.


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