Demanding Climate Action

September 24, 2021: Young people around the world took to the streets to demand urgent action to avert disastrous climate change. STF members demonstrated on their campuses, hosted interactive tent events, collected signatures on their petitions to transition their schools to 100% renewable energy, wrote climate facts in chalk around campus and organized “green outs” with classmates.

Scroll to see photos of some STF events:

Combining Club Rush activities with their Global Climate Strike demonstration, Carson HS STFers organize a school-wide “green out”, display climate change fast facts, and create a space for students to share their commitment to climate action by making public pledges to limit their environmental impact. Photo by Suzanne Cheatham
Participants of Culver City HS STF’s interactive climate tent make climate pledges, sign their campus’ petition, and learn more about efforts to convert their campus to 100% renewable energy. Photo by Madisen Matsuura
Da Vinci Schools students wear green to show their support for climate action. Photo by Lincoln Evans
Hamilton HS STFers plan to share the photo of their “green out” with the yearbook committee to raise awareness on the climate crisis. Photo by Linda Hernandez
After showing the “Three Seconds” video during morning announcements, Los Osos HS STFers host an interactive table during lunch to engage their classmates in climate advocacy. Photo by Aidan Hsu
Palisades Charter High School completes a 4-day series of events to mark the Global Climate Strike: Monday, students write climate phrases in chalk at the campus entrance. At Wednesday’s Club Day, STF leaders explain the campaign to future members. During an interactive climate tent Thursday, classmates draw their favorite nature scene to help them connect personally to the climate crisis. STFers also wear QR codes that links to their petition to get more signatures. Friday, students and teachers participate in a “lights out” event to raise awareness about the importance of energy efficiency on campus. Photo by Cleo Waxman-Lee
Santa Monica HS STF leaders post a recruitment flyer around campus to educate classmates about the climate crisis.
Graphic designed by Matthew McAuliffe, Erin Vinson and Sally Wenger
Utilizing open spaces around campus, Sierra Canyon STFers write climate facts in chalk.
Photo by Kayla Okui

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