Disrupting the System

During a role play at STF’s 2022 Fall Leadership Workshop, guest speaker Sim Bilal shared how to pressure elected officials to take climate advocacy seriously. Click to watch the full recording of the workshop.

September 10, 2022: “The most critical thing youth can do right now is to combat greenwashing. Call out BS where you see it. Educate yourself so when the time comes for you to advocate on this issue, you can knock these people flat down,” said Sim Bilal, 20-year-old climate activist from South LA, to participants at STF’s 2022 Fall Leadership Workshop.

At the kick off of the Vote For The Planet Campaign, STFers identified ways to disrupt the system and ensure decision makers at the local, state and federal levels take climate action. Sim emphasized the power students have to make it so that candidates running for office can no longer ignore the effects of climate change. “It’s up to us to take control of the narrative and make people focus on the climate crisis. Every issue in this election is impacted by the climate crisis, including homelessness and public safety… Fight them with facts!” he urged.

In breakout sessions, participants reviewed the Vote for the Planet toolkit and role played how to engage educators, candidates and friends in their advocacy. Armed with these resources, STFers will register and educate voters, as well as reach out to candidates, urging them to prioritize climate policy and action in the midterm elections.

Next steps include STF organizing events for National Voter Registration Day (Tuesday, September 20) and the Fridays For Future Global Climate Strike (Friday, September 23).

Register your Global Climate Strike event and engage your community in climate advocacy.

We have the power to make change, and no effort is too small!

In solidarity,

The STF Team, Pam, Kristin, Jordan, Jenny and Leela

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