Earth Day The STF Way!

Students across STF campuses participated in events to acknowledge Earth Day. From educational activities on environmental justice and renewable energy to die-ins and climate games, STFers raised their voices for the planet and challenged their peers to do the same.

Scroll to see a sampling of STF’s Earth Day events!

Student at Animo Venice Charter High School reads a climate migrant testimony during STF’s tent event in April. Over 180 freshmen and sophomores participated in the activities. Photo by Jordan Todd
Students at Carson HS scan a QR code that reveals how far they live from oil wells as part of the Environmental Justice tent. More than 300 attendees learned about climate change, renewable energy, environmental justice and climate migrants. Photo by Kristin Ghazarians
STF Ambassadors from Dwight Global School launched the Dwight Climate Committee as part of their Earth Week activities. Participants from five Dwight School campuses identified first projects to make their individual campuses more environmentally conscious.
Flyer designed by Kendall Arjoon
Students at Los Osos High School lay in their school cafeteria with signs that say, “The oceans are rising and so are we”, “The sky should not be orange”, “Here lies 1 of 5 million killed by climate change every year” and “R.I.P. Here lies 1 of 138,366 dead from Cyclone Nargis in Myanmar”. Three campuses in the Green Chaffey Coalition hosted die-ins to honor Earth Day. Photo by Rohan Chowdhury
At the New Roads School tent event, STFers lead students and their Head of School through an exercise to identify active oil wells in their communities. Photo by Kristin Ghazarians
Palisades Charter High School hold their first-ever Climate Summit Day on Earth Day. Among many other activities, Student Task Force members set up learning tables during lunch on fast fashion, sustainable household items, and environmental justice initiatives.
Photo by Angelica Pereyra
Pali Climate Summit Day attendees write their hopes and fears about climate change on recycled paper, which are added to a chain hanging from trees in the quad. Photo by Angelica Pereyra
At Santa Monica High School, STF introduces guest speaker Amy Butte of Climate Action to discuss renewable energy during a special Featured Flex-Time event with students. Photo by Jordan Todd
After partnering with the SC Green Club for an all-school presentation focused on recycling and renewable energy, the Sierra Canyon STF chapter hosts a lunch table event where participants signed their petition to transition their school to 100% renewable energy and added to an Earth Day art display. Photo by Lance Lysholm
Wildwood’s Environmental Club (STF Ambassadors) play environmentally focused games to engage middle school students in climate advocacy at their All School Meeting. Participants separated trash from recycling and threw it into the right bin or answered trivia questions to win a prize. Photo by Lucinda Boys

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