EMUS Succeeds Internationally

EMUS Flags

August 20, 2014: While many of us were vacationing, STF student delegations met with representatives from Finland, New Zealand, the Philippines and Australia to raise awareness of and support for the EMUS Campaign. Students from New Roads, Oakwood, Palisades Charter, Santa Monica and Sierra Canyon schools asked Consul Generals to encourage their governments to step up as regional leaders and promote the process to finalize the Draft Lucens Guidelines.

Consul Generals offered to send letters on behalf of STF to their Ministries of Defense and to their Ambassadors to the United Nations in Geneva and Norway, as well as to representatives of the UN Conference on Small Island Developing States. Two consulates also promised to share information about EMUS on their social media websites, which will help bring attention to the issue at home. Mexico, New Zealand and the Philippines took EMUS photos which are now officially posted to emuscampaign.org.

Congratulations STF for such a productive summer! More meetings with consul generals are in the works.

Finland C.G. Juha Markkanen – “Education First”

New Zealand C.G. Leon Grice – “Math Figures Not Gun Triggers”

Philippines C.G. Leo Herrera-Lim – “We Want Pencils Not Guns”

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