Engaging Our Communities

February 12-22, 2024: Kicking off the new year with a bang, STFers at Alain Leroy Locke College Preparatory Academy, Animo Venice Charter HS, Carson HS, Cypress College, Hamilton HS, and New Roads School hosted film screenings, club fairs, and table events to engage their campus communities in our Celebrating 75 Years of Human Rights Action Plan.

Scroll to see photos of their events:

February 12, 2024: As part of the schoolwide initiative for Red Hand Day, Carson STFers provided a human rights lens to the campus discussions. They created murals that connected UDHR articles to stopping the use of child soldiers. Students used paint to emphasize the UDHR articles that helped them best understand the human rights violations child soldiers face. Photo by Suzanne Cheatham

February 12, 2024: To educate their peers about the urgency of climate change, the STF chapter at Hamilton High School hosted a lunchtime table event. Students spoke with teachers and peers about the ways in which climate change has directly affected their lives as Los Angeles residents.
Photo by Anushka Malhotra

February 14, 2024: During a Valentine’s Day Club Rush, Cypress College STFers used the opportunity to introduce their chapter to the wider college community. They used the opportunity to speak to students about their plans to transition their campus to 100% renewable energy by 2030, and are excited to begin collecting petition signatures. They also recruited 15 new members to their chapter!
Photo by Christina Nguyen

February 21, 2024: After their Human Rights on the Southern Border tent event got rained out, New Roads STFers pivoted to host classroom screenings of “The Real Death Valley” and engaged the majority of their school in discussions about deadly deterrence policies. All history classes watched the documentary and STFers gathered 215 petition signatures that will be delivered to Congressman Ted Lieu.
Photo by Max Waldman

February 21, 2024: In an effort to bring in new members to STF at Animo Venice Charter High School, leaders hosted a lunchtime event and presented the progress they are making with advocacy for the #StudentsNotProducts Action Plan in two advisory classes. Photo by Anushka Malhotra

February 22, 2024: The STF class at Alain Leroy Locke College Preparatory Academy invited 200 classmates to learn about human rights and share their thoughts on the importance of human rights education during an all day screening of “A Path to Dignity” as part of their advocacy efforts. The STF class will review the results of their Declaring Our Human Rights survey with administrators to ensure human rights are discussed on campus. Photo by Kristin Ghazarians

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