Giving Voice to Justice for Juveniles

Manuel Barrios explained to El Camino Real students how spending 23 years in state prison, including 15 years in solitary confinement, impacted his life. Photo by Sue Freitag

October 24-25, 2016: STF leaders from Santa Clarita Valley, Palisades Charter and El Camino Real High Schools participated in events to educate their communities about Prop 57 and over incarceration in California.

Palisades Charter HS STF Vice President, Peter Jebsen, presented the pros and cons of Prop 57 to more than 70 criminology and sociology students at Mount Saint Mary’s University on October 24. Formerly incarcerated youth, Herminia Galvez and Manuel Barrios, personalized the significance of Prop 57 by sharing their experiences in the California criminal justice system.

On October 25, Herminia and Manuel spoke to 200 students at El Camino High School, and asked participants to talk to their family and friends about supporting Prop 57.

At the Tri-Parish Community Event at St. Clare Church in Santa Clarita Valley on October 25, representatives of four Santa Clarita Valley STF chapters explained why California needs Prop 57 and read testimonies from youth in the justice system. Guest speaker Father Chris Ponnet of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, added to the discussion on social justice by encouraging the audience to vote yes on Prop 62 and no on Prop 66, in an effort to repeal the death penalty in California.

Father Chris Ponnet talked about the importance of social justice in the 2016 election at the Santa Clarita Valley Tri-Parish event on October 25, 2016. Photo by Angela Peckham


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