“Hanging Out” With Japan

STFers use Google Hangout to meet with students in Japan. Photo by Kristin Ghazarians.
STFers use Google Hangout to meet with students in Japan. Photo by Kristin Ghazarians

February 14, 2014: STF leaders from Academy of the Canyon, Santa Monica High School and Palisades Charter High School met with two high schoolers interning with the Human Rights Watch Tokyo office for a Google Hangout session. The students shared engagement and photo gathering techniques, including explanations of different events both the Japanese and American students have hosted since the start of the End Military Use of Schools (EMUS) Campaign. They discussed next steps for EMUS in the US and brainstormed ideas of how the Japanese students can continue to expand the campaign on their end.

“My biggest take-away from this event is that we really need to talk across campuses more. You always tell us to get in touch with each other and this made me realize we really need to do that,” said Rachel Kiekhofer, STF Co-President from Santa Monica High School.

The HRW Tokyo office learned about the EMUS Campaign in October during a visit from Bede Sheppard, Deputy Director of the HRW Children’s Rights Division. They have submitted more than 80 pictures for EMUS and plan to hold another photo booth in the coming weeks.

The HRW Tokyo Interns congratulated STF on reaching the 1,000 photo benchmark and said,”We’re so glad we can be a part of this campaign and raise the voices of Japanese students to help end the military use of schools.”

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