Human Rights Education Workshop: Training HRE Trainers August 6 and 7, 2009 Powerpoint Presentations

International Human Rights, by David Kaye, Thurs. 10:30

Strategic Connection Between Education and Human Rights, by Felisa Tibbitts, Thurs. 11:40

HRE Teacher Perspectives, by MSMC Julianne McMurty, Thurs. 1:10

HRE and Setting Learner Objectives/Competencies, by Felisa Tibbits, Thurs. 2:30

California State Standards and HRE, by Todd Jennings, Fri. 10:00

Institution-wide Approaches to HRE, by Felisa Tibbitts, Fri. 10:45

HRE Assessments and Evaluation, by Felisa Tibbitts, Fri. 3:00

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