Human Rights Front and Center

In their final weeks of the fall semester, Student Task Force members hosted a range of events and activities honoring Human Rights Day. Despite busy schedules and final exam preparations, students kept human rights front and center in their last days of school before winter break. From in-chapter conversations and quiz games to school-wide surveys and poster displays, STFers once again demonstrated their commitment to human rights advocacy.

Check out some of their events:

November 28, 2022: STFers at Sierra Canyon High School held a Human Rights Day informational table. Students across campus voted on which rights were currently being upheld or violated in their community. Photo by Batul Saifee
November 30, 2022: Palisades Charter High School’s STF chapter organized an information table sharing pocket-sized copies of the UDHR with classmates and instructions for raising concerns about human rights violations on campus. Photo by Peter Garff
November 30 – December 7, 2022: Animo Venice, Carson, Da Vinci, and Santa Monica STFers hosted educational events honoring Human Rights Day, discussing the UDHR and holding a Kahoot quiz to show what they learned. Poster by Samantha Guevara
December 6, 2022: STFers at Da Vinci Schools hosted a learning session on human rights followed by a Kahoot quiz game, awarding human rights posters, copies of the UDHR, and STF t-shirts as prizes to the winners. Photo by Samantha Guevara
December 8, 2022: All students at Animo Venice Charter High School completed a survey assessing how well their school is upholding human rights and where there is room for improvement. Survey design by Animo Venice STF
December 8, 2022: STFers at Wildwood School planned a guest speaker event to educate their classmates on current human rights issues. Photo by Jamie Barrett
December 12, 2022: Canyon HS STFers created posters for each of the 30 articles in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. They hung them from classroom doors across campus to honor Human Rights Day. Photo by Christina Suwanaksorn
December 12, 2022: Los Osos High School Human Rights Club created a public service announcement to share schoolwide about Human Rights Day.

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