Human Rights on the Southern Border at Palisades Charter HS

Photos by Patricia Williams

March 1, 2019: Palisades Charter HS’s Human Rights Watch Student Task Force presented their special exhibit, “Human Rights on the Southern Border,” on Friday, March 1 in their school auditorium.

The exhibit was produced by Pali’s Student Task Force, with the support of the Latino Student Union (LSU), to provide significant facts about the people and geography along the 2,000-mile U.S. southern border, why people cross it, and examples of basic human rights violations documented by human rights organizations. The Student Task Force hopes their presentation helped viewers better understand southern border issues and motivated them to continue learning more about this humanitarian crisis.

Congressman Ted Lieu sent his immigration representative, Daisy Paniagua-Uribe, to view the exhibit and she discussed sharing information with STF on legislation addressing issues like separation of families and investigating detention centers for human rights violations.

The Pali exhibit was presented in six stations:

  1. Northern Triangle: “Why We Flee”
  2. Mexico Side of Mexico/U.S. Border
  3. Legal Port of Entry at San Ysidro, California
  4. Asylum Process: “Credible Fear Interview”
  5. U.S. Side of the Mexico/U.S. Border
  6. Immigration Detention Center

Teachers signed up their classrooms to view the exhibit throughout the day.

Demonstration video tour of Human Rights on the Southern Border exhibit at Palisades Charter HS

(Click to watch, 4:18)

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