Investigating Waste at Sierra Canyon

Sierra Canyon STFers put labels on new recycle bins to educate the campus about what is and is not recyclable. Photo by Nia Holden

November 5, 2019: Realizing their campus is in an area heavily impacted by wildfires, drought and other signs of climate change, Sierra Canyon STFers decided to take steps to ensure their school community does everything it can to reduce its carbon footprint.

Students conducted a waste audit of the trash and recycling opportunities on campus. They found that less than half of the classrooms and facilities had recycling bins, and those available around campus are not properly used.

In collaboration with school administrators, STFers are putting recycle bins in every classroom, administrative offices, the library and gym, and making sure they are labeled so students can learn what is and isn’t recyclable.

Next steps will be to collect plastic bottles thrown away on campus and turn them into an art installation!

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