Know Your Rights, Protect Our Rights

Photos by Patricia Williams

January 26, 2017: “Human Rights Watch is urging President Trump to stop abusive and discriminatory proposals. His campaign rhetoric and the executive decisions he has made since taking office go against our values as human rights advocates. We are here today to use our voices and determine how we can protect human rights. We are not political partisans, we are human rights partisans,” said STF leader Peter Jebsen as he welcomed students, teachers and special guests to the STF Winter Leadership Workshop.

Transgender teen, Jake Hofheimer, and immigration attorney, Haimanot Habtu, introduced challenges that the LGBTQ community and immigrants currently face under the Trump administration. Jake will lead the planning for a unity event to protect rights on all STF campuses this spring. Haimanot offered information for immigrants to consider regardless of their immigration status. Resources from both speakers will be available in the online STF campaign toolkit.

Students conducted role-play situations and asked each other what they would do if they witnessed hate speech. Later, in breakout groups, they were introduced to strategies to educate and activate their school communities to stand up for human rights.

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