Know Your Rights Toolkit

President Donald Trump has promised to move quickly to implement his agenda for change in the US. Many of the policies and pledges made by Trump and his cabinet nominees pose profound threats to the rights of people both within the US and abroad. In the coming critical weeks, STF will use their voices to educate and activate their school communities to stand up for human rights. We are not political partisans, we are human rights partisans.

STFers at the Women’s March LA on January 21, 2017. Photo by Pam Bruns

STF’s Unity Day

STF chapters will host simultaneous events on Friday, March 3, 2017,  to educate their campus communities about their human rights and activate their voices to protect these threatened rights.

Recommended slogans and sign messages


Take Action

HRW Digital Advocacy #CallItOut – Report hate in real-time in the U.S. via social media.  HRW is collecting instances of hate for research purposes to be later use with advocacy and also be sent to the Southern Poverty Law Center to be used in prosecution when appropriate.

  • Text “CallitOut” to 82257 to join the campaign
  • Text ‘Reporting’ and your story when you witness an incident of hate. Don’t forget to add photos and video.
  • Answer a few follow up questions.
  • Share our video on Facebook or Tweet the campaign

Women’s March 10 Actions/100 Days – As follow up to the Women’s March on January 21, 2017, the organizers have developed 10 actions in 100 days to continue to raise awareness about the human rights issues addressed at the event.

  • Action 1: Send a postcard to your senator
  • Action 2: Join a huddle
  • Action 3: Demand that elected officials “Hear Our Voice”
  • Action 4: A Day Without a Woman
  • Action 5: Reflect and Resist
  • Action 6: Hear Our Vote
  • Action 7: We Belong Together
  • Action 8: Let’s Talk Why We Resist
  • Action 9: May Day Beyond the Moment
  • Action 10: Sign the Pledge of Liberation

Contact Your Elected Officials – Thank them for their dedication to maintaining human rights or express your hopes that their actions focus more on human rights.

  • A simple phone call or letter will demonstrate your community’s support for human rights
  • Find contact information for your elected officials
  • We recommend mailing your letter or postcard to your representative’s regional office rather than DC 

Role Play Scripts and Discussion Questions


“What Would You Do?” (9:15)
(Click to watch: 9:15)

Discussion Questions for What Would You Do?

Mayor Eric Garcetti On Immigration (6:24)
(Click to watch, 6:24)

Discussion Questions forMayor Garcetti’s Video on Immigration

“I Trust You” Performance Art (3:14)
(Click to watch, 3:14)

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