Lost Boy of Sudan Speaks at WW, AOC, Crossroads and Carson

Alepho Deng shares his journey as a Lost Boy of Sudan and refugee with Wildwood’s Middle and Upper Schools.
Photo by Patricia Williams

“The power of education is like magic,” Alephonsion (Alepho) Deng told Wildwood’s Middle and Upper School students. Alepho shared that as a boy he believed gaining an education was like becoming a wizard, who could know truths about the world that are hidden from people without an education. After fleeing his village in Sudan, Alepho learned his village was attacked by government-backed militias because the government wanted to tap oil reserves just beneath the tranquil ground of his village.

Consecutively, Alepho spoke with students at Academy of the Canyons on March 9, and with Crossroads School on March 12.

Alepho’s series of presentations are in coordination with STF’s Right to Education campaign and the Human Rights Mobile Library project.

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