Making Real World Change

Amanda Alampi, HRW’s Director of Campaigns and Public Engagement, gives advice to STFers on how to get to people in power.
Photos by the STF Team

February 3, 2024: “There are no walls between the things you’re personally passionate about, you’re professionally interested in and you’re academically interested in. You can use the knowledge you learn in the classroom to make real world change… That’s the cool thing about things like Student Task Force, you all are making real world change, but you’re also doing it in this academic setting… And that’s what I hope you all take away from your experience with this, is that you can make change now, today, tomorrow if you put your mind to it,” Amanda Alampi, HRW Director of Campaigns and Public Engagement, said to inspire the 67 participants at STF’s Winter Leadership Workshop.

Amanda spoke about Human Rights Watch’s #StudentsNotProducts campaign and gave advice on how to get to get decision-makers to listen to advocates.

Before Amanda’s presentation, STFers shared accomplishments from their fall activities including a chapter in Carlsbad that spoke with their Congressman about deadly deterrence policies when he stopped by their history class and the leaders in Taiwan who introduced STF to delegates from multiple Asian nations at a Model UN conference. Hear more from STF chapters during the chapter recap (1:52-11:09)

Workshop attendees also broke into groups to strategize ways to get to decision-makers related to their “Celebrating 75 Years of Human Rights” Action Plan themes, as well as worked on improving strategies related to recruitment, events, on-campus meetings, and leadership development.

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