Meeting With Congress

STFers speak with Congressman Ted Lieu and deliver over 1,000 petition signatures demanding Congress to protect asylum seekers. Photo by Anushka Malhotra

May 28, 2024: STFers from Animo Venice, New Roads, Santa Monica and Wildwood High Schools met with Congressman Ted Lieu to deliver over 1,000 petition signatures demanding Congress protects the right to seek asylum. STFers asked Congressman Lieu what they can do to support his work to protect migrants experiencing human rights violations at the southern border.

“Congressman Lieu mentioned it was his first time hearing about the CBP One app using discriminatory facial recognition technology and that he would look into it. In response to our question about next steps we should take as students, he advised us to continue what we’re doing and to contact more congressional representatives in Los Angeles,” STF leader Sophie from New Roads School shared.

Meanwhile, Carlsbad STFers had an in-person meeting with a district representative after speaking with Congressman Levin over the phone a few weeks ago. They delivered nearly 500 petition signatures and addressed Levin’s remarks from their previous call.

STF co-president Yousha stated, “We addressed issues like partisan compromise and the insubstantiality of the Dignity Act. District Representative, Salome Tash, was very receptive to our demands and we appreciated the open dialogue that the office provided. We were encouraged to reach out to Congressman Levin and his office again going forward, which I think will be a great opportunity for our chapter in the future!”

In total, STF chapters have collected 2,688 petition signatures and continue their outreach to Congress to end the use of deadly deterrence policies.

STFers engage in conversation and explain why immediate action needs to be taken to end the use of deadly deterrence policies to Congressman Ted Lieu. Photo by Anushka Malhotra

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