Never Underestimate the Power of A Student

Diana Michaelson introduces Workshop participants to the Green Schools Campaign and explains how STF can urge their high schools to transition to 100% renewable energy. (Click to watch, 1:12:06)

January 30, 2021: Over 90 students, teachers, alumni and guests gathered virtually to launch the Human Rights and the Climate Crisis Campaign at the 2021 STF Winter Workshop.

Welcomed by student speakers, Diana Michaelson, 15, from the Green Schools Campaign, introduced an advocacy strategy to transition schools to 100% renewable energy. She discussed her involvement in the campaign and inspired STFers, saying, “We were worried that they (administrators) wouldn’t respond to us. We’re just students. But it’s really important to remember, you ARE students and you have a really important voice… never underestimate the power of your voice as a student.”

Josiah Edwards, STF spring intern and Los Angeles-based climate activist, shared his experience with environmental racism growing up in Carson, CA and how his fundamental human right to clean air was violated by oil and gas wells located next door in his hometown. “Government inaction was what enabled my suffering at the hands of the fossil fuel industry, so I had to fight back…Time is a luxury we do not have. In order to tackle a crisis, you must act with the urgency required to meet it,” Josiah said.

Participants discussed how STF action against climate change can help combat this global emergency. STF’s new campaign toolkit supports our goal of schools achieving 100% renewable energy, plus background on California state legislative action.

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Recording of the complete STF Virtual Winter Leadership Workshop. (Click to watch, 1:12:06)

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