Heartbreak into Action

To the thousands of STF students and teachers who met and worked with Katie-Jay Scott and Gabriel Stauring,

Last Tuesday evening a local car crash took the lives of our friends Katie-Jay and Gabriel. The devastating news brings not only heartbreak, but also a flood of memories of their actions to spread peace and love. Many of us were blessed to work with these two wonderous humanitarians since 2005. Over the following years, thousands of us followed them via satellite phone transmissions on trips to the Darfuri refugee camps in eastern Chad, and they continually found new ways to introduce us to survivors they befriended in the camps, putting faces and hearts to a distant crisis. We learned from Katie-Jay and Gabriel how to broaden awareness by building Camp Darfurs, and Children’s Rights Camps in our schools, and they worked with us to assemble mobile human rights libraries that traveled in the refugee camps. STFers were inspired to meet with policy makers to press for support for the refugees and ending the genocide. We were all emboldened by Katie-Jay and Gabriel’s call for “Humanity Over Politics.” Once they touched our lives, that can not be taken away…

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Sky’s the Limit

Check out this drone footage of Palisades Charter HS STFers collaborating with 5 classes to form a “100” to represent 100% renewable energy for Pali.

This demonstration was their November 5 advocacy event. Pali STF leaders are using this video to raise awareness at school, in the community and in their advocacy with school decision-makers.

We invite each chapter to share their creative activism to fight climate change!

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Allies in Action: Part 2

Thank you for demonstrating your commitment to human rights and fighting climate change by campaigning to transition your schools to 100% renewable energy. Your chalking and lights out events, petitions, presentations, photos and paper chains made the climate crisis something your schools and district decision-makers can no longer ignore!

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Allies in Action

November 1-5: Throughout the week, students across Southern California echoed the efforts of global leaders at COP26, asking their schools and districts to make commitments that will change the future of this planet. Raising awareness about the need for their schools to transition to 100% renewable energy, STFers made their voices heard through “lights out” initiatives for energy efficiency, letters to decision-makers, class presentations, writing climate messages in chalk and more.

Click to learn about some of these efforts…

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Together We Rise!

Across campuses, STFers are wearing their “Oceans Are Rising” t-shirts as part of their advocacy to transition their schools to 100% renewable energy.

Submit your selfie or group shot in solidarity today!

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Demanding Climate Action

September 24, 2021: Young people around the world took to the streets to demand urgent action to avert disastrous climate change. STF members demonstrated on their campuses, hosted interactive tent events, collected signatures on their petitions to transition their schools to 100% renewable energy, wrote climate facts in chalk around campus and organized “green outs” with classmates…

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We Have a Voice, Let’s Use It!

STF chapters are participating in Fridays For Future’s Global Climate Strike this Friday, September 24. Get motivated by watching STF demonstration and education efforts in our NEW video!

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Oceans Are Rising, So Are We!

September 11, 2021: STF leaders, teachers and guests renewed their Human Rights and the Climate Crisis Campaign at the 2021 Fall Leadership Workshop. “We join together every year to learn how to be the best human rights advocates possible,” said Madelyn Rahimi, “and this year our campaign is global and personal.”…

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Save the Date: Saturday, September 11

You are invited to join us at the 2021 Virtual STF Fall Leadership Workshop. Be a leader. Fight Climate Change. RSVP today to receive the link to participate in the workshop!

Important Information:
Who: STF students, teachers, alumni and special guests
When: Saturday, September 11, 11:00am-1:00pm PT
Where: Virtually on Zoom

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STF Goes Into Space

[Editors Note: This report was submitted by Alisa Zhang, STF leader at Los Osos HS, following her participation in the ASP2021 Symposium.] July 23, 2021: Last Friday STF leaders Victoria Valdez and Alisa Zhang presented their Green Schools Campaign to the Astronomical Society of the Pacific at the ASP2021 Summer Symposium. The two-day international event focused …

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Student Voices Emerge

Student voices will be heard for the first time at the July 1 meeting of the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) Clean Energy Task Force.

Victoria Valdez, STF leader at Hamilton HS, and Angel Macario-Flores, STF leader at Palisades Charter HS, will attend the meeting as student representatives, committed to bringing 100% renewable energy to all LAUSD campuses…

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A Year Like No Other

Dear STF students, teachers and friends,
Despite Covid pandemic shutdowns across the country, STF was able to reach record numbers in their school communities and beyond, advocating for voting rights and to fight climate change.

STF registered voters in California and hosted a virtual Town Hall to educate voters on human rights at stake in California Propositions 16, 17 and 18.

STF chapters pressed school decision-makers to transition campuses to 100% renewable energy, starting conversations about climate change where there had been silence.

STF strengthened the human rights movement!

We have all been inspired by your commitment and achievements!

Ever onward,
STF Team: Pam, Kristin, Nancy, Brennie, Karina, Sea and Josiah

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Utica: The Last Refuge

Please Join HRW’s Screening of “Utica: The Last Refuge” on June 25-27 and the panel discussion on June 27. Purchase your tickets today!

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Rohingya Strong

May 5, 2021: To commemorate Genocide Awareness and Prevention Month, STF hosted a virtual conversation with writer and human rights activist, Imran Mohammed, entitled “Genocide and the Climate Crisis”. “People like me don’t have the choice to decide or make plans to leave our motherland on a specific date, at a particular time, and from a selected place. We are so desperate to escape from a life-and-death situation,” Imran said…

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Join Us: A Conversation with Imran Mohammad

You are invited to commemorate Genocide Awareness and Prevention Month with a conversation about the intersection of genocide and the global climate crisis. Meet Imran Mohammad on Wednesday, May 5 at 7 pm on Zoom! Imran is a Rohingya refugee who had to flee for his life at age 16 and now advocates tirelessly for refugee rights. Don’t miss it! …

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Investigate, Expose, Change

April 22, 2021: As part of HRW Student Task Force’s (STF) advocacy to transition high schools across Southern California to 100% renewable energy, commit to energy efficiency plans, and engage in climate justice education, the STF hosted over 150 students, teachers, administrators and community members at the “Human Rights and the Climate Crisis” Virtual Town Hall on Earth Day 2021…

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We Do Not Forget!

Genocide Awareness and Prevention Month is held each April to commemorate the victims and survivors of genocide. Scroll to review how STF has paid tribute to those who suffered unimaginable tragedy and get information about an upcoming event to learn about a contemporary genocide in the making…

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Do Not Miss: Climate Crisis Town Hall April 22

Join STF’s HUMAN RIGHTS AND THE CLIMATE CRISIS Town Hall on Thursday, April 22 at 7pm on Zoom. Celebrate Earth Day by learning how STF is fighting climate change as we advocate transitioning our schools to 100% renewable energy. This event is open to the public so please invite your friends and family! RSVP today to receive …

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Progress towards Cleaner & Greener Schools

STF advocacy is in full swing on the Green Schools Campaign. Check out recent STF activity for how to build allies and transition your school to 100% renewable energy!…

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What’s Your Climate Story? Part 2

Thank you to all for sharing your climate stories! We are eager to know how you use them to build your ally networks and as part of your advocacy to transition your campus communities to 100% renewable energy. Check out STF’s Green Schools Campaign materials for more resources.

Here are four more stories to help you think about how climate change is impacting your community…

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TAKE ACTION: Sign the Convert Our Schools to 100% Renewable Energy Petitions

Now that the STF Green Schools Campaign is underway, wondering how to start taking action? Sign the petition to get your STF chapter to convert to 100% renewable energy. Leave a comment on the “I’m signing because…” section to let others know why you support the campaign. Share the link via message and across social media!

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What’s Your Climate Story?

STFers share their personal reasons for fighting climate change and explain their urgent advocacy to transition their schools to 100% renewable energy. To learn more, check out STF’s Green Schools Campaign materials. For motivation, view these four personal climate stories…

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Join Us for a Free Screening: “Mai Khoi & the Dissidents”

We are thrilled to invite you to the LA Film Club on February 12-14 for a FREE screening of “Mai Khoi & the Dissidents“. The film will be accompanied by a panel on February 14th at 3pm PT, featuring Brad Adams, Human Rights Watch’s Asia Director, and Mai Khoi herself! Spread the news, because this is open to all! You must RSVP to participate!

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Never Underestimate the Power of A Student

January 30, 2021: Over 90 students, teachers, alumni and guests gathered virtually to launch the Human Rights and the Climate Crisis Campaign at the 2021 STF Winter Workshop…

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Join STF for a Special Screening: I AM GRETA

Please join us for a special screening of I AM GRETA hosted by the Human Rights Watch Student Task Force, Can You Hear Us and SIMA Studios. STF members, teachers, and alumni are invited to view I AM GRETA as introduction to the launch of STF’s Climate Crisis and Human Rights Campaign at our Winter Leadership Workshop on January 30. RSVP today to receive the link to view I AM GRETA! (A separate RSVP is needed for the STF Winter Workshop!)

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