What’s Your Voting Plan?

With only 33 days until Election Day 2020, have you already made your plan to vote? Here are important tips to help you develop your voting plan and ensure your vote is counted in this general election.

1. Check your voter registration status (and check again)

2. Register to vote (or preregister if you are 16 or 17 in California)

3. Decide how and when you will vote…

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Defend the Right to Vote

September 12, 2020: Inspired by Nicole Austin-Hillery, HRW’s Executive Director of the U.S. Program, STF launched their Vote for Human Rights Campaign at the 2020 STF Virtual Fall Leadership Workshop…

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Introducing 2020-2021 STF Chapter Presidents

We asked our 2020-2021 STF Chapter Presidents to share their thoughts on:

Why they wanted to lead their STF chapter?
Why they joined STF?
Why they believe our “Vote for Human Rights” campaign is important?

Here is a sampling of their responses…

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Save the Date: 2020 STF Fall Leadership Workshop

Please join us for the 2020 STF Fall Leadership Workshop to launch our fall advocacy campaign: Vote for Human Rights! This will be our first virtual STF Leadership Workshop. RSVP today!

Important Information:
Who: STF students, teachers, guests, speakers
When: Saturday, September 12, 11:00am-1:00pm
Where: Virtually on Zoom

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What A Year!

As the 2019-2020 academic year comes to a close, we wanted to share a review of STF accomplishments. Students faced so many challenges this year (fires, school shooting, Covid-19, violence during peaceful protests) but remained committed to human rights activism.

We wish we could celebrate in person with our graduating seniors, but hope this photo journey will serve as an inspiring reminder and congratulations for the more than 50 events you undertook this year.

Stay safe and healthy and ready for action for human rights!

Ever onward,
STF Team: Pam, Kristin, Nancy, Marianna, Eden, Carina, Brennie and Crystal

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Join Us for HRW LA Film Club’s First Virtual Screening!

The HRW Los Angeles Film Club Committee invites you to our first ever virtual screening of Slay the Dragon, a critically-acclaimed movie about ordinary people taking action to protect democracy — and winning. What better way to enter a challenging election season?

RSVP now to watch the movie at your convenience between May 15-17, and then join us for a panel discussion on Sunday, May 17 at 6pm.

We are making this online screening free to ensure that as many people as possible can see it.

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Tamar Chafets: “Put Yourself in Their Shoes…”

April 28, 2020: As part of their ongoing effort to support homeless youth in their community, Da Vinci Schools STF leaders hosted a virtual conversation with homeless youth advocate Tamar Chafets. They were joined by students and staff from Carson, Culver City, Da Vinci, Hamilton, New Roads, and Palisades Charter high schools…

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On the Ground in Conflict Zones

April 18, 2020: STF students, teachers and guests watched the documentary E-TEAM to learn what it’s like to investigate human rights abuses in conflict zones. They were captivated during a post-screening discussion with one of the film’s central figures, HRW’s Fred Abrahams, Associate Director for Program.

Fred spoke with over 80 STFers and friends about life as a human rights advocate on the front lines, including Syria, Libya and Kosovo…

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One Family’s Genocide Survival Story

April 10, 2020: To contribute to April’s Genocide Awareness and Prevention Month, STF hosted its first-ever virtual discussion with special guests Rita Lurie, a Holocaust survivor, and Leslie Gilbert-Lurie, human rights advocate. The mother-daughter duo spoke with STFers and supporters and helped them better understand the horrors of genocide and the trauma that can last a lifetime….

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Canyon Cares About Climate Change

March 10 2020: Canyon High School STF held an educational exhibit about the devastating effects of climate change on human rights. AP environmental science and social studies classes rotated through the exhibit, which featured four tents…

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Pali STF Educates to Protect Human Rights

March 6, 2020: A week before the coronavirus shut down our schools, Palisades Charter High School hosted its second annual Human Rights Watch STF exhibit, featuring 6 stations with information on 6 crucial topics:
Gun Violence
Climate Change
Homeless Youth
Separation of Families at the Border
Timeline for Modern Human Rights Movement
Youth Activists…

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Pali Students Stand for Human Rights

March 6, 2020: Pali’s Human Rights Watch Student Task Force presented a Human Rights Expo on Friday, March 6 in Gilbert Auditorium. One powerful tent in the exhibit, “Youth Justice Warriors,” inspired students with powerful quotes and images of young advocates fighting climate change, gun violence, and separation of families. A dynamic, student-made video showed highlights of advocates Emma Gonzalez, David Hogg, Greta Thunberg, Licipriya Kanjujam, and Sophie Cruz speaking in front of 100,000’s of people. This Youth Warriors tent experience concluded with many students promising that they would “Stand with Greta” by posing next to a life-sized photo of her and pledging they would support her fight for climate justice. Students walked out of the tent with youth leaders’ words ringing in the air and with options for activism to bring change in their community.

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STFers in Action

February 20-28, 2020: STF chapters at Academy of the Canyons, Santa Monica, Sierra Canyon and Valencia HS hosted events featuring guest speakers, tables and tents to engage their campus communities in children’s rights advocacy. Scroll to see photos of the events:

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