Disrupting the System

September 10, 2022: “The most critical thing youth can do right now is to combat greenwashing. Call out BS where you see it. Educate yourself so when the time comes for you to advocate on this issue, you can knock these people flat down,” said Sim Bilal, 20-year-old climate activist from South LA, to participants at STF’s 2022 Fall Leadership Workshop…

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STF’s Human Rights and the Climate Crisis Campaign in Review

We’re thrilled to share our Human Rights and the Climate Crisis Campaign in Review! Explore highlights from STF’s work to bring renewable energy and climate education to campuses. Students and teachers will use this resource in our ongoing activism to fight climate change during this Fall’s midterm elections. Congratulations on all your accomplishments, we look …

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RSVP Today! STF Fall Leadership Workshop, Saturday, September 10

Join us Saturday, September 10 from 11am to 1pm on Zoom for our 2022 Fall STF Leadership Workshop! We’re excited to announce Sim Bilal, a youth climate activist featured in the LA Times, will help us kick off our Vote for the Planet Campaign…

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Student-Led Green Energy Plan Passes in Long Beach!

On Wednesday evening, the Long Beach Unified School District (LBUSD) school board unanimously approved Board Proposal 3510.1, better known as the Green School Operations – Energy and Sustainability Policy. That action was the culmination of two years of activism by the Long Beach Green Schools Campaign…

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HRW’s LA Film Club is In-Person!

The Human Rights Watch Film Club invites you to an in-person screening and discussion of: Who We Are: A Chronicle of Racism in America. The screening will be held at New Roads School (map) on Sunday, June 26, 2022. Doors open at 4pm. The film will be followed by a Q&A and reception with food. Student and educator …

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Standing Strong for Climate Action

To end the academic year strong, several STF chapters hosted events throughout May. They demonstrated their firm commitment to the Human Rights and the Climate Crisis Campaign by continuing efforts for climate action and education within their communities…

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Save the Date! Saturday, May 21, STF’s Year-End Celebration

Please join us at the beach for STF’s 2021-2022 Year-End Celebration on Saturday, May 21! We will have a short program reflecting on the year’s accomplishments and a chance to get to know members from across STF. Lunch and tents will be provided. Bring a beach chair or blanket!

RSVP by May 14 to let us know if you can attend!

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Earth Day The STF Way!

April 22, 2022: Students across STF campuses participated in events to acknowledge Earth Day. From educational activities on environmental justice and renewable energy to die-ins and climate games, STFers raised their voices for the planet and challenged their peers to do the same. Check out this sampling of STF’s Earth Day events!

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We Mourn the Loss of a Witness to the Holocaust

March 31, 2022: STF mourns the loss of William (“Bill”) Harvey, who generously shared with students his heartrending story of surviving the Holocaust, including two of the infamous Nazi concentration camps, Auschwitz and Buchenwald. In 2020, right before Covid closed our schools, Bill spoke at the STF Winter Workshop. How fortunate we all were to meet and learn from his testimony…

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Crisis In A Tent!

Wednesday, March 23: Palisades Charter High School STF hosted their all-day climate education tent event in the center quad. Seven classes with students from all four grade levels visited the tents. They learned general climate crisis facts and filled out a survey to share if they’ve learned about climate change in school. They explored four types of renewable energy and heard more about STF’s goal to transition Pali to solar-powered energy…

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TREE Academy’s Board Stands with STF

February 11, 2022: Students from the Human Rights Watch Student Task Force (STF) class at TREE Academy for the Creative Arts, New Technology & Social Justice met with their Board of Directors to ask for their support to switch TREE’s campus to renewable energy. Along with giving the Board their petition signed by 85% of students and teachers, STFers presented a proposal asking for financial support to invest in solar panels and purchase renewable energy from the Southern California Edison Clean Power Alliance to transition the school campus to 100% renewable energy…

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STF Meets LAUSD Board Rep. Nick Melvoin

Human Rights Watch Student Task Force (STF) members at Palisades Charter High School met last week with Nick Melvoin, who represents LAUSD (Los Angeles Unified School District) Board District # 4. Their meeting was a result of Pali’s clean energy resolution — the first-ever student-led resolution presented to the Pali Board of Trustees, which was unanimously passed last May, and commits the school to 100% renewable energy within the next 10 years. Palisades students are now looking for Nick Melvoin’s support to push their renewable energy resolution forward in LAUSD, the nation’s second largest school district…

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The Road To “Yes” Is Paved With “No”

January 29, 2022: “Don’t be afraid of rejection. Every conversation you have is a little step in the right direction, and those inches become feet and the feet become miles,” said Anisa Nanavati, a 17-year-old climate advocate from Tampa, Florida, to participants at the 2022 STF Winter Leadership Workshop on Saturday, January 29. Anisa shared her experiences as a climate advocate and encouraged students not to give up on their efforts to transition their schools to 100% renewable energy…

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Action: Louder Than Words

As we kickoff the final push of our current Human Rights and the Climate Crisis campaign tomorrow at the STF Winter Leadership Workshop, we will reflect on our efforts to transition our schools to 100% renewable energy. STFers have demonstrated time and again that action speaks louder than words! Here is a sampling of STF chapters’ …

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Learn about “The New Corporation”

We are excited to kick off the year with an HRW Film Club screening of The New Corporation: The Unfortunately Necessary Sequel streaming virtually from January 21-23 in partnership with SIMA.

STF students and teachers are eligible for comp tickets to the virtual event. RSVP to receive the film link and access to the live panel discussion and Q& A on January 23 at 4pm PT.

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Two Student Voices

Victoria Valdez, STF leader at Hamilton HS, and Angel Macario-Flores, STF leader at Palisades Charter HS attended meetings this fall as the only student representatives on the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) Clean Energy Task Force. The task force was created to honor LAUSD’s commitment to transition to 100% renewable energy by 2040.

They share about their experience…

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STF Honors Human Rights Day

Friday, December 10, 2021 was the 73rd anniversary of the United Nations’ adoption of the Universal Declaration for Human Rights (UDHR), a document that proclaims the rights of every human being, regardless of race, gender, age, nationality, religion, political opinion, birth place, or any other status. STFers celebrated this milestone and raised awareness about human …

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Our Shared Humanity

December 10, 2021, by Tirana Hassan, HRW’s Deputy Executive Director and Chief Programs Officer: Human Rights Day – the anniversary of the 1948 adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights – is a day to celebrate our shared humanity. We have the chance to reflect areas where we can make rights a reality as we …

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Heartbreak into Action

To the thousands of STF students and teachers who met and worked with Katie-Jay Scott and Gabriel Stauring,

Last Tuesday evening a local car crash took the lives of our friends Katie-Jay and Gabriel. The devastating news brings not only heartbreak, but also a flood of memories of their actions to spread peace and love. Many of us were blessed to work with these two wonderous humanitarians since 2005. Over the following years, thousands of us followed them via satellite phone transmissions on trips to the Darfuri refugee camps in eastern Chad, and they continually found new ways to introduce us to survivors they befriended in the camps, putting faces and hearts to a distant crisis. We learned from Katie-Jay and Gabriel how to broaden awareness by building Camp Darfurs, and Children’s Rights Camps in our schools, and they worked with us to assemble mobile human rights libraries that traveled in the refugee camps. STFers were inspired to meet with policy makers to press for support for the refugees and ending the genocide. We were all emboldened by Katie-Jay and Gabriel’s call for “Humanity Over Politics.” Once they touched our lives, that can not be taken away…

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Sky’s the Limit

Check out this drone footage of Palisades Charter HS STFers collaborating with 5 classes to form a “100” to represent 100% renewable energy for Pali.

This demonstration was their November 5 advocacy event. Pali STF leaders are using this video to raise awareness at school, in the community and in their advocacy with school decision-makers.

We invite each chapter to share their creative activism to fight climate change!

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