Pali STF Educates to Protect Human Rights

Photos by Pam Bruns and Patricia Williams

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March 6, 2020: A week before the coronavirus shut down our schools, Palisades Charter High School hosted its second annual Human Rights Watch STF exhibit, featuring 6 stations with information on 6 crucial topics:

  • Gun Violence
  • Climate Change
  • Homeless Youth
  • Separation of Families at the Border
  • Timeline for Modern Human Rights Movement
  • Youth Activists

Each of the stations or tents was host to one of the above topics and STF leaders presented information on each subject, discussed how it violates human rights, and presented action items to get students involved. Action items included: 1. a plea for solar panels at the school; 2. petitions to U.S. Senators to ratify the CRC; 3. petitions to U.S. Senate and local U.S. Congress members to encourage the passage of gun violence prevention legislation; 4. handed out business-sized cards with information for Pali resources for attaining food/shelter/other services; 5. and the opportunity to take a photo with a life-size Greta to post online in support of fighting climate change!

With over 400 students passing through the exhibit, Pali’s STF hopes to have broadened the views of all attendees on these crucial human rights issues and encouraged them to get involved.

Submitted by Hallie McRae, Palisades Charter HS STF Co-President

Check out this slideshow to see how this event was set up:

Take a virtual tour of the entire exhibit as if you were there! (Click to watch, 2:27)

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