Pali Students Stand for Human Rights

Pali’s Human Rights Watch Student Task Force presented a Human Rights Expo on Friday, March 6 in Gilbert Auditorium. One powerful tent in the exhibit, “Youth Justice Warriors,” inspired students with powerful quotes and images of young advocates fighting climate change, gun violence, and separation of families. A dynamic, student-made video showed highlights of advocates Emma Gonzalez, David Hogg, Greta Thunberg, Licipriya Kanjujam, and Sophie Cruz speaking in front of 100,000’s of people. This Youth Warriors tent experience concluded with many students promising that they would “Stand with Greta” by posing next to a life-sized photo of her and pledging they would support her fight for climate justice. Students walked out of the tent with youth leaders’ words ringing in the air and with options for activism to bring change in their community.

Submitted by: Izzy Gill, Pali STF Co-president

(Click to watch, 1:57)

Stay tuned for a full report on STF’s Human Rights Expo!

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