Partisans for Human Rights

Students present a Unity Day photo collage to Congressman Lieu, demonstrating their advocacy during the “Know Your Rights, Protect Our Rights” campaign. Photo by Kristin Ghazarians

April 24, 2017: STF leaders from Crossroads, New Roads, Palisades Charter and Santa Monica High Schools met with Congressman Ted Lieu (33rd District) to thank him for being an outspoken supporter of human rights and to express concern about how social divisions across the country are affecting the vulnerable populations STFers care about.

Congressman Lieu encouraged STFers to continue to raise their voices and educate their communities about the issues they are passionate. “After the election, I was really down. On January 21, I stopped being sad. The Women’s March is the country I know. Rallies and protests, large groups of people pushing back against a smaller populist movement is important,” he said.

The delegation shared STF’s efforts to pass Proposition 57 and our work to reform California’s juvenile justice system. They also explained the “Know Your Rights, Protect Our Rights” campaign and presented Congressman Lieu with a poster collage from Unity Day.

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