Progress towards Cleaner & Greener Schools

STF advocacy is in full swing on the Green Schools Campaign. Check out recent STF activity for how to build allies and transition your school to 100% renewable energy!

STF Action Handbook

Simon Aron presents the Action Handbook for STF to the Palisades Charter HS STF chapter on February 10, 2021. (Click to watch, 28:16)

February 10-18, 2021: Simon Aron, Green Schools Campaign co-founder and 15-year-old climate activist, participated in STF chapter meetings at Palisades Charter High School (February 10) and Culver City High School (February 16) to help the students determine first steps in their advocacy to transition their campuses to 100% renewable energy. Using the Action Handbook for STF, Simon also trained representatives from 11 other STF chapters (February 18) to launch the campaign.

Download the Action Handbook for STF to launch the Green Schools Campaign on your campus today!

Google Earth and Environmental Sustainability

Watch Pali STF’s special event with Mr. Steve Engelmann (Click to watch, 48:24)

February 19, 2021: The Pali STF chapter hosted AP Environmental Science teacher, Mr. Steve Engelmann, as he shared steps he has taken to encourage Palisades Charter High School to transition to 100% renewable energy. He discussed various student sustainability projects, the obstacles they faced, and provided campaign recommendations. Mr. Engelmann used Google Earth screenshots to demonstrate solar power on other campuses.

Dr. Pam Magee, Pali’s Principal, expressed her support for the students’ passion and initiative towards the campaign to the more than 80 students, teachers and Pacific Palisades community members present. Since this event, Dr. Magee has met with STF members to discuss the facilities survey, and has a third meeting scheduled for Friday, March 19.

“Keep Applying Pressure…”

Watch SAMO STF’s special event with Ansel Garcia-Langley (Click to watch, 19:16)

March 2, 2021: Ansel Garcia-Langley, SAMO alumnus and former Team Marine president, met with the SAMO STF chapter to share his experience working with school administrators and district staff on sustainability issues.

“When it comes to projects like these, it’s really important to keep applying pressure. We need to use student voices and that kind of activism to our advantage [to produce the change we want to see],” said Ansel.

Ansel provided students with information about initiatives and projects started while he was involved with Team Marine, including hiring a district sustainability coordinator, a position Team Marine advocated for while he was president. Ansel emphasized that STF should revisit these discussions to maintain accountability at both the school and district levels.

Take Action!

Sign each chapter’s petition to support STF’s advocacy to commit their schools to 100% renewable energy!

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