Santa Monica HS Works with Teachers to Include HRE

SAMO student presenters. Photo by Pam Bruns
SAMO student presenters. Photo by Pam Bruns

April 24, 2013: In an effort to increase human rights education (HRE) on their campus, Santa Monica HS’s (SAMO) STF chapter developed a student-led HRE workshop for instructors on their campus.

Students provided teachers and administrators with techniques, lesson plans and materials for integrating HRE into English, history, psychology, and language classes.

“This workshop was born out of our desire to turn our frustrations with the lack of human rights education in our classes into positive motivation.. [and is] a catalyst for increased student-teacher collaboration,” said Linda Gordon, SAMO STF President.

Congratulations SAMO for a successful first-step in an ongoing conversation with your teachers!

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