Sample Materials of the Human Rights Mobile Library


Adam, one of our Human Rights Mobile Librarians in Camp Djabal, Chad. Photo courtesy of I-ACT. Message from Adam: “Thank you for your inquiry about the library materials and how they have been the most helpful to the children here in the camp. In fact, we have different kinds of readers so every material seems to have those who like it. About how to improve the library, more kindles, reading materials, old newspapers journals, more equipment for easy communications, and a center for the library. Tomorrow we will send some pictures and more information about the mobile library.” — Adam

“BUILD IT” Toolkit Guide
-A guide outlining the needs of the mobile library and types of materials to consider.

Mobile Library Table of Contents 

Sample Library Materials: Below are examples of Mobile Library materials to give STF students a better idea of what to create.

Human Rights Documents

Human Rights Teacher Guides

Letters From American Students

Level 1 – English for Adults

Level 1 – English for Children

Level 2 – English

Songs & Speeches

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